First Grow ZiplocKush 😂

Hello everyone,
I’d like to preface this by saying I planted a bag seed. I pray it’s female. I was planning on popping a Pineapple Express autofem into the grobo but I ordered it 3+ months ago and assume it has since been lost/confiscated etc… quite a shame as I was very excited to plant my first ever Seedbank auto flower seed in the grobo. However, we are here now. And my Photoperiod Ziploc Kush is on day 31 from seed.

(11 days from planting)
And here is what (she) looks like now after topping on Day 22 (Picture taken day 30)

As you can see, (she)’s still very short, But everything looks healthy as could be. I took the liberty of adding a small fan, a little pot for trimmed leaves, some metal hooks, etc…
I’ve been using Distilled water from the beginning, it seems to be paying off, here is a pic of my nute bottles :
The whole setup pleases me. The plant itself is growing very healthy and I will be back soon with more updates.
I do not have a pH/ppm reader but if I did I would supply that info.
I added ~5mL of orca and have CalMag at the ready in case of deficiencies — of which I observe very few.
Here is the most recent pic of my Grobo: :relaxed:

Please, please hit me back with some info! If you need more pictures to get a better look I’ll take some and add them ASAP. Really excited to receive some useful feedback here, thank you and blessings to you all in this crazy time.


Looks great!

Only comment I’d have is that your fan might be set a bit high if it’s forcing the leaves downward like that. But, that might not be a bad thing if it’s helping to keep the plant short… :thinking: :man_shrugging:


Thank you!
You might be right… I assumed it was good for the plant, considering it would increase airflow and help with rigidity, increasing growth. Maybe not? Ideally, the fan would go beneath the plant, but at the moment it is too short and I don’t want to accidentally cut any stems with a fan haha



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Thanks. I topped previously and just LST’d a bit to even out the canopy:

The plant looks super healthy! Added some more distilled water to top off the res today. Roots look really good.
Orca seems to help with root growth and overall new growth, which looks to be growing rapidly. I also lifted the coco pod up ~1/4 inch — thanks for the feedback @SilverGrobo :grin: much appreciated.

Moved the fan also to bounce the air around and not pointed at the plant.

Also here’s the base:


Roots! Look strong. Anything I should look into? I thought they look healthy and white


Look good to me. Nice and strong. Which day is she on?


Thank you! And on Day 34. I had to re-start the recipe b/c i assumed it was an auto from the person i received it from, so my Grobo says Day 16. I extended late veg a week (16/21) but I think I’m going to extend again as I want her to reach the second fan before I transition to flower. She’s got a few weeks before then I believe.

I just moved the roots out of the way of the probes to keep from tangling. Learned from your grow @Fluffhead


Here she is Day 16/21 late veg. Removed some of the stems that drew too much energy and weren’t going to produce much. Currently have 7 main stems, might cut one more but not sure which… I really didn’t like cutting it off but I know it’s for the best.
Does anyone utilize supercropping in the Grobo? I feel like it may be beneficial but not educated enough to have an opinion. Gonna do some research…
I think she’s doing well. Going to watch close next few days. Hoping she’ll get tall quick so I can start transition. If not I will extend another week.
I enjoy this hobby and I’m so excited to continue doing it. I want another unit!


She’s looking good! I think I would extend the late veg schedule for another 1-2 weeks at least and let her grow taller


@Aang thanks for the feedback, will do! Extending her now. I’ll let her fill out for a week as well.

Trying to utilize the entire space in the Grobo :ok_hand:t4::grin:
Got another tent on the way with some Ph calibration kits for my unit, I’ve had it since July, the Terpinator should need a calibration by now, right?


I’m gonna start fanning her for 30min-1hr every few days or so to help with growth. Will update when I do so, going to change water tomorrow.
That small jar covered with shrinkwrap is yeast/sugar in water for added CO2, hopefully it does what I expect it to. Small science experiment…


Light defoliation and lollipop, she’s gotta get taller! (Day 20/28 late veg)

Also moved the fan below the plant, finally! Here’s what she looks like from below And above


She’s getting there

without blurple
Just praying she’s a true female :pray:t4:


Planning on cutting that bottom stem. Energy waster, gonna see the plant shoot up I hope. I’ll post pics ASAP of the process, I think I’ll try and root the clone in a pot!


Removed one stem that was really weak. Gonna let her fill out for a week and come back, got the big fan on her for now.
Hopefully that cutting I took will root in the pot I planted it in! Watched a few vids last night on how to do so, but I don’t have rooting gel so it’s a shot in the dark. I’ll post updates!

Added an additional 2 airstones to the tank, observing others. Gonna watch for new growth patterns.

I would post more of the roots but the pix are too big :man_shrugging:t4:


Extremely impressive canopying


I appreciate that! Trying my best to even it out… I really don’t wanna over do it but I can’t help myself sometimes.


Understood. It’s art.


I’ve been eyeing other’s plants :seedling: so much I finally took a look at my own