First Grow with Grobo (Thoughts)

So I am growing my first plant in the grobo unit. I have decided to go with Gorilla Glue for a nice blend of Indica/Sativa and a high THC level. Everything has been very easy and user friendly so far not a whole lot of trouble.

I did some searching to see what kind of yields to expect and have been disappointed to see some people getting as low as 1 ounce and not much more than three ounces.

I’ve done an outdoor plant before with success and a good deal more hands on and got almost a full pound on harvest. Now of course I realize outdoor is going to give more yield than indoor due to the extra space for plant growth. I was hoping for maybe between 5 to 8 oz of Yield.

I’m curious if anyone has had these kind of results in the grobo unit? If so how did you achieve it? Topping, lollipoping, ect… a certain strain? Also does anyone think it would be beneficial to put aluminum foil below the plant to reflect more light underneath the plant?

Just a curious grower looking for some firsthand experience and some good knowledge! Thanks


No ones gotten close to that. Although i suspect if you count @Vicc monster hack grow , maybe.


With the grobo and gg#4 I highly recommend topping her. Gorilla glue is very stretchy, I am growing 3 of them at the moment and they stetch!


Yeah that’s what I was noticing when I started looking up yields from grobo. It’s ok though I’m still enjoying my time growing this bad boy.
How often do you think I should top?
I did my first topping at week 5 above the top nodes.


Personally, I would double top her 2-3 times, Schwaz and Lollipop (at least up to the top of the 2nd fan in the grobo) her and only leave no more than 2 layers of canopy. If possible, only focus on 6 main colas.

However if this is your first grow, I would just top her once and bend her to make sure she isn’t too tall, lolipop her up to the top of the 2nd fan and remove all lower branches that doesn’t make it to the top

If you are looking to max yielding, there would definately be some needed modifications to your grow and grobo and it may not be worth the mods. In the end, the major factor for yield is proper training, airflow, nutrient, space, temp, water and light [all key ingredients for photosynthesis]


Awesome thanks! I’ve been doing some bending to keep everything as even as possible. Wasn’t planning on doing anymore topping till I read this. Will definitely follow these instructions to the T.
Thanks again


After a LOT of excitement and a loooong grow (extended multiple times) I was somewhat disappointed after my first yield (just under 1oz). Yesterday I harvested #2, so we’ll see. She’s not huge, but the Grobo is a fabulous controlled environment, so when dialed in, she will produce some amazing quality product - if not quantity. There are a lot of people who have modified their units to increase yield, but I didn’t find that to be cost-effective so went a different route.
I think foil at the bottom is a good idea (especially early as you can’t control the light distance). Any light is good light.

Re: training. I’m kinda at a crossroads on this one. I’ve trained on the last couple of grows and I’m Prob going to again, but I think I’m going to let her grow really tall first and then top her around the 8th or even 9th node and then lollipop way up (maybe even mainline) . I’ve found that the light distance is an issue during early training - she just takes a lot longer to bounce back. I’ve had to extend veg cycle multiple times on prev grows - which means more nutes, etc etc etc (not cheap).

Also, keep an eye on your cocopod depth/dampness - A lot of issues with pod being too low/wet - will def cause size issues. Good luck!


Man now that is an awesome well informed response! Lol. I think we’re at the same mindset here. We want quality product without having to do to much environmental Maitenance. Yields 2 oz and below are a little dissapointing but the grows are easy. I like your idea about letting it grow a little taller. More light should surely help with growth.
Thanks for the reply!
Good luck!

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