First Grow. Unknown everything!

Hi everyone! I had a few false starts trying to germinate seeds in the grobo, so I finally germinated one outside and then put it in. No idea what kind of seed. This is where I am on Day 28, which translates to Late Vegetation (Day 4/14) in the Generic (Hybrid) recipe I chose. Does everything look about where it should at this stage? Is it too early to start fimming and/or topping? Any other suggestions based on the photo? Thanks!


Myself and others in here would say to wait until the 4th node to top if you’re doing so and everything looks pretty good so far! my only concern is the little dirt clusters might cause problems w/ bacteria in your grow space but other than that, lookin good.

When did you transplant your seedling?


I’ve been meaning to clean that dirt out of there - thanks for the reminder. It only took a couple of days for the seed to grow a little taproot in a paper towel setup, and then I put it right into the coco pod and started the grow. That was 28 days ago.

You said “if you’re doing so.” Makes me wonder, what’s the conventional wisdom about whether or not to top with a grobo plant?


Oh that’s great!
Everything looks good in there and your plant is on track.

Id go as far as to say you can cut off those two bottoms leaves touching the Grobo surface they’ll just die off and cause more harm than good.

As long as you previously calibrated your ph probe then you should be good :+1:t4: Keep up with water changes and everything should be golden.

Go for it if you’re gonna top, but I held off because I wasn’t sure if my plant was an auto (received seed from a friend). Topping will maximize growth ofc! If you’re familiar with doing so go for it.


Mystery weeeeds! :smiley:

Good luck. Lookin’ good so far for the start of Late Veg! Healthy leaves.


Topping at the fourth or fifth node is the consensus for cannabis plants.
Not everyone follows the same rule but it is widely known!
Topping too early or too late can add stress or undesired progression.


Thanks, everybody!