First Grow translation phase, what do you think?

Transition (Day 4 / 14)
I trimmed some fan leaves which were blocking light from the little guys. Don’t plan on touching her after this. Let’s see how much she’s going to stretch out…

What do you guys think? How is she looking??I would appreciate any feedback.



Hey there! I would actually switch it back to late veg for one more week. She looks healthy but still a little small. You can let it go as is, but you will have a higher yield if you extend it


I know @Chad_Johnson said your plant looks healthy, but something looks off to me personally. It seems slightly sad in my opinion, like a tiny bit droopier than it should be, more prevalent in the lower stuff but also appears in the higher growth too.

It doesn’t look terrible but it might be the start of a problem if it gets any worse…

  • How high are the temperatures in the Grobo? How low do they get at night?
  • What is the humidity level inside your Grobo typically at?
  • Is bottle #3, #4, and also #5 dispensing?
  • What has the water temperature been floating at? which brings to:
  • What color are your roots? Are they browning at all? Do you use Hydroguard in your
  • Is your reservoir still making a “bubbling” sound, or are there bubbles visible in the water?
  • Have you ever done a pH Health Check on your probe (via Grobo app/website) ?
  • Is your stalk looking healthy, no browning, discoloration, black, etc starting, especially at where the stalk meets the Cocopod?

Don’t let me scare you, like I said it looks slightly sad. If it was me on my 2nd grow, compared to my current grow in progress, I would see this as the start of a potential red flag!

Just from the way she looks alone, and not based on her size, I would most definitely recommend holding her back a week in Late Veg… if there is a potential problem present, then sending her to flower will probably not be a good idea

Also, if you just defoliated that could possibly why she took a hit too, so play it by ear and see if she bounces back and looks a little more lively.



@pyromancy was onto something. You’re plant is looking unhealthy. If you haven’t put in a ticket yet, I would do so. It isn’t so bad that it can’t be saved, but something is off.

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