First grow super skunk

Shes very happy starting to get wet
And on that note i should logoff…


Hahaha you didn’t :laughing:

Must be the night tonight… I thought about replying on the Beta testing thread about wanting to be a Master Beta Tester some day :open_mouth:

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Looking good!!

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I love the characteristic skunk leaves. Looks gorgeous


the leaves are massive, bigger than my hand. and bossy. Tuck down and up after an hour.
Just did a heavy trim/defoliate before she enters transition.


That’s so awesome. Definitely gonna have to acquire some seeds I think, some time down the line. I’ve got so many seeds to use first :joy:

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Flips tonight. Looking fwd to flower


Nice man!! Perfect height for the flip!


Almost done transition.

Im about done tucking and bending. Getting humid so … must be careful.


Gave her a trim today day 5 of flower


Lookin’ great @Todd.grobo … she shootin’ any pistils yet? :slight_smile: Feel like I see a few but can’t tell.

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A few are showing
Filling out nicely though although i wouldn’t top her again in the future


Why wouldn’t you top in the future? Genuinely curious :smiley:


The light makes the outside branches taller. Not the fit i wanted.


Ahhh gotcha.

That’s weird compared to mine… I double topped to make 4 main colas, and they ended up being the 4 most dominant in the center…

But, along the way it looked like the outer branches were going to win though, I thought it was gonna be tall colas around the edges and the 4 in the center lower down… Turned out the opposite


Ive noticed on all my grows that the back two corners typically are where the dominant bud grows, the front ones never get as big or strong, likely to do with the door and window.


Yeah I was wondering myself if this was the case because of the placement of the LED at the top, slightly further back than in the front… would make sense.

I also wondered if this was a purposeful design trait to allow the back of the box to grow taller than the front, which in turn would allow easier access to the plant in general if the back was taller than the front on average.


I also think the front paneling effects it somehow as well. Bud density by itself is imho 30% or more denser on any of the back three or four branches over anything on the front. I pay attention when we separate. As my wife cuts almost all leaves off leaving strictly bud on the branch, we get less than most, so we make sure we know what we’re smoking. One jar, lower bud, One jar middle bud, One or two jar’s what I would call AAA or AAAA in terms of underground cannabis quality. Big thick dense buds. Those are usually from the back. Then there is a jar for misc quality. Everything else goes in a small container and is typically made into butter asap :slight_smile:

Thats why after as many grows as I have had, i dont think fans are useful outside of 1-30 days grow time, i dont think extra nutrients make that much of a difference and considering the additional $ between grobos bottles and extra, breaking down the cost to produce the cannabis, no thanks.
Keep it simple stupid. Works for me.

Thats why i try to top out at 6 or 7 solid branches. They seem to have the most evenly distributed leave growth which means light penetration to far enough below you reach the first fan top down. That on the last 3 of my grows all over 55g seems to be the single most effective way. Also there is a sweet spot on sitting under the light. That i believe is totally dependent on each strain. Once you hit that sweet spot you see the crazy huge nugs everyone wants.

Would i spend $4000 again on hydro vs tents? No. However I am very happy for the most part with my setup. It allows me much more flexibility between successes in tent and hydro grows and more variation in product and honing my ability to learn how to help my plant the best. I find a lot of inspiration in other peoples crazy setups. Maybe when i am making big bucks, i will try that :slight_smile:
I am more interested in knowing what data from our grows grobo is using for data collection and why. To help them grow better? To help the industry? The list goes on. As I learn more and more about the plant and industry, the more deeper down the hole i want to go. This is an amazing plant!

Thanks for the support!


I agree, it’s awesome to see all these creative setups people have. I’m on the fence of wanting to keep my grow simple and wanting to add more things to try to improve my grow. I recently added some mylar sheets inside the Grobo - got the cool idea from @pyromancy and @Vicc


Might have to drop the pod in here shortly. Thankfully she looks to have stopped her stretch finally