First Grow: Skywalker OG Kush

Looking good @Speagler
You totally see whats matured and what wasnt getting light just based on color alone. Thats a great way to start learning about the plant, you just saw it fully first hand and now im sure know how to manipulate what you want next time! I love it, looks like some decent ganja my friend :slight_smile: The light green stuff i would personally just use for baking (oil or butter, its not going to smoke as nice).

Have a good trip and let us know how she is when you get back


For sure! Thank you!

So issue… I sealed my PH probe container in another container and the fluid evaporated??? I just need to store it 10 days until I get back? Can I just keep it in solution from the grobo? I don’t have time to order anything.


you can put it in a ziploc bagggie with just water if you want. i’ve seen a lot of people do that between grows. you just don’t want the pH probe to dry out. hang it from the sidewall with a magnet.


Use a ziplock bag full of water and magnet it to the inside of the grobo. It will last if you zip up 80% of the zip with the cords coming out the last 20%


Yeah what fire said an hour before me lol zzz todd


Welp, see ya on the 18th! 5 days of dry and 8 days of cure? May be good to go. I’ll use my Mighty Vape if they still aren’t properly cured by then.
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Nice harvest congrats :+1:t4::beers:


Your harvest looks great! Quite the color difference from the top to bottom, but no worries there :slight_smile: You should have a prettttttty nice yield there!


Very nice :+1: :sunglasses:

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Ima make sure there’s just top on the next grow haha.

My neighbor just updated me after he prepped it for cure! So excited. I’ll weigh the flower and the sweet leaves once I get em all trimmed down when I get home on the 18th.


The shinning…



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:older_woman: :herb: :green_thumb:

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So I only ended up with an ounce even, and 10g of some super sticky leaf, but this is hands down the best high I’ve ever felt. Just got home from a 10 day trip out of town, trimmed it, and vaped it first. One bowl in the Mighty and I can’t stand up. So then my mom and step dad video call me to say the packages are an early present. I’m to the moon at this point and opened the packages to find a pre decorated mini fake Christmas tree since I’ll be alone this year. I’m so damn high but having so much fun with my parents. This stuff is goopy and you need gloves just to handle it. I rolled a joint, smoked a half inch, and I’m stuck on the couch :couch_and_lamp::woozy_face:


I love to hear this @Speagler
It makes me happy inside.
My wife is 100% onto smlking our oct harvest and says today, is this our stuff, it doesnt make me cough ever…
Make sure to give the cure time too it. You’ll savour it so much more.

Good job , regrow or new strain?


Same strain. I wanna play with it. Try to get 2oz next time


Yeah same with my wappa
Just cut off 2 more branches today and 2 yesterday see how that fattens the ones there up. There is apeeady 2 canopy layers so trying to get rid of lots under the first and 2nd for sure.


Nice haul @Speagler … glad you got the whole vacation and harvest situation figured out. I’m sure you’ll be happy with an OZ of some super fine quality shizzz like that! Glad to hear the high is one of the best you’ve ever had… seems like more bang for your buck… I’d rather have 28 grams of some untouched trichome covered fresh weed than 28 of some store bought mishandled dry stuff any day :smiley:

Props on the MIGHTY … love my MIGHTY …

Sidenote… They sell the sugar leaf/trim locally now for Medical MJ… so there’s definitely some value in that trim whether you use it to extract or edibles, or even just grind it up real fine and see how harsh it ends up being through a vape hahaa :smiley: For 10 grams of trim and sugar leaf, that’s like $100 value here and probably way better/less handled.


Funny story about the mighty. I saw a black Friday deal to pick one up for $270. I went to bed and at about 1am I was being stubborn and didn’t want to sleep so I said, Covid put a damper on my fun in Vegas (which I travel to and from about 15-20 times a year) so I decided to “play the slots” online. I put in $20, hit min bet a few times, then said F it, and went to the big money bet ($1). I ended up winning $270 and said, ok that’s a sign haha, and bought the Mighty for about $4 out of pocket haha.


Whattttttt! Dude nice!

It sounds like you subconsciously used the Law Of Attraction to get that thing :smiley: … Or consciously? O_O



I conciously made a bad decision to waste money and was coincidentally provided positive affirmation which is a toxic perspective and is the wool the gambling industry pulls over its consumers eyes in hopes when the itch begins to itch, the scratcher goes “well remember that one time”…

Another funny story, I’m a very science based man, finishing my masters in mechanical engineering in April. I left my fiance when I realized she was living her life based off the concepts like the Law of Attraction and Speaking into Existence and that positive affirmation are proof of such things being real. I don’t believe in magic and I wanted a wife who would teach my children to work for what they want, not wish for it to happen. It’s the general attitude of the world will do its will, so I don’t have to take responsibility for anything. I was poor my whole life, graduated high school homeless. She told me she was also poor growing up. I went frome homeless and worked my way into being a highly respected professional in my industry making six figures so I worked my ass of for success. Come to find later on she was from a very nice middle class neighborhood with both parents making six figures. She did the whole MLM, tarot, essential oils. Bye bye narcissist, hello the happiest I’ve ever been in my life haha. No offense to anyone who’s into that stuff, we just probably won’t hang out much lol. It tends to be paired with other personality traits and beliefs that are just not compatible with my own.

But yea, was a pretty awesome lucky coincidence, but honestly I should have paid a credit card bill haha.