First grow indoor (soil) mystery seeds

day 15 of flowering! Side project


Lookin’ good - nice node spacing! What kind of light are you using?


Hlg 100 v2

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Awesome!! Healthy looking ladies :facepunch:t4:


Question have u ever used veg+bloom dirty nutes? How often do i feed it to the plants is it every watering? Also have something called beastie bloom have no idea how to use this stuff

The Way I feed is one day just Ph water , one day just Nutrients and molasses and ph water always ph , when in flower add on day of Nutrients , molasses and tiger bloom a fertilizer

Nutrients Fox farm big bloom it’s just it’s name it’s really mild
Black strap molasses don’t ask me why I just do
When in flower once every other watering fox farm tiger bloom it’s fertilizer

Always mix less , less is more!

I water by lifting my plants try when dry and after I have water you get used to it the feel the difference …