First grow in Nefertiti/Grobo (Chocolope-Sativa)

She’s still young, but your choice if you want to scrap or not.

I would like to try to save but how long should I till I should call it? What’s a good time to give it before i waste a seed?

I would say till end of germ. It’s only 10 days so not much time lost.

Where are your seeds from?

It’s on day 4 and from ILGM. This is my second try the first one I completely was impatient and messed things up.


  • (Don’t let it get far away from the [Coco-Pod] and you can save her with a little surgery on the Pod):

- - -

  • (Transition begins [12/12] cycle on a photoperiod plant):

[ ]:



Water for the seed hat for now is my suggestion.


Thank you for your help. That’s what I will do.

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Also, patience is key with this…don’t jump the gun.


This also happened to my Lamb’s Bread grow. Just a few drops of RO or distilled water on the seed hat and give it time. Check it in several hours. Give it more time, if no change then add a few more drops of water. If after a couple of days it hasn’t come off then gently use tweezers to pull it off.


Awesome! Thanks for y’all helping me out with this.

@FireGuy @miami5th @SilverGrobo I would like to thank each and everyone of you helping me with this journey. Without further ado :raised_hands:t4:

If no one tell y’all I will y’all are AWESOME!!! She is doing amazing now!!! I’m so happy I didn’t give up on her and I had y’all help.


I added a couple of drops on top of her where the leaves will form to help her a little more. The surgery was a success! :call_me_hand:t4:


Congrats! Let the journey begin.


Congrats! She is looking good! In the next week you should see a couple of sets of leaves


Germination 6/10

After rocky start two true leaves have arrived :raised_hands:t4:


Do everyone water their seedlings every time the top of the coco pod becomes dry on top?

I could be looking into this to close but it looks like her cotyledons are a little droopy today. Last night the temps did jump to almost 91. Is it something I should do or be worried about? Right now everything is in perfect temps and I try to keep things in the best environment for my seedling. I’m having a little trouble with keeping the humidity above 45 Any help will be appreciated!


Don’t water the top of the pod or the leaves…could easily lead to damping off. The seedling will be fine. Don’t worry about the cotyledons either. 91 in the Grobo is high, try to keep at low 80’s and below. @SWSVIC did a mod that helps bring temps down to ambient. Also, humidity isn’t as big of a factor as temp. Mine usually sits between 45 and 35 percent depending on temp. You could always shift your light schedule to night time so the lights are on at the cooler parts of the day.


hey! Cotyledons look normal. They are usually curved downwards like that in my experiences. She looks good all around and should start producing new sets of leaves nearly daily. Do try to keep the temps lower in the 70s, low 80s max. If it’s getting like 91 in the Grobo I would imagine your water temps are getting high too. Like too high that could cause root rot. Think about using hydroguard or get a chiller setup. I do both.