First Grow Grobo Start Alien Otto (Autoflower)

Received my Grobo start today

Figured it would be a good time to fire it up

Dropped my bean in Alien Otto (Autoflower)

I was actually surprised to see how powerful the little LED on my par meter at the height

Grobo at germination height

Ps Just to let everybody know the number one reason why I purchased this product was because my plan is to drop 3 seeds at the same time and at week X old pick the best plant of the three and transfer it to the Grobo

Your odds are so much better getting a genetic Super plant going with this idea. I’m kind of shocked @bjorn don’t use this idea for selling feature? All commercial farmers over sow when planting and pick the best.


Before someone says it Yes I know I only have one plant in there but I don’t plan on using it just trying it out


I like that idea. I think I am going to start doing that as well.


Hell yeah. That was my plan with my Mandarin Zkittlez from Ethos, was gonna only plant two though and take the better of the two, and keep the other alive in soil hopefully as a house plant just for fun.

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This grobo thing wouldn’t work for me. Too much money for 1 plant.

Nice work!

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