First grow gg#4 🌱 🌿 🌳

Ive been working in tech for 10+ years and I only found out about it by trial and error.

It’s a great technology on paper, but the 5 GHz spectrum lacks penetrating power, so it’s range is much more limited than that of 2.4 GHz. The problem is when a device is trying to maintain a connection and it, or the WiFi router cannot decide which frequency is the best.

If you have different IP addresses for both your channels are probably separate. When I’m connecting a new device to my network, such as my Grobo I always connect it to the 2.4 GHz. Especially if it doesn’t need the bandwidth and speed of 5 GHz.

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I remember having a similar sentiment when connecting mine. I thought to myself why make a “smart model” unit that operates better (arguably solely) on a lower frequency.
However from a practical stand point it makes more sense. 5G is not the “connection” it’s distributors claim it to be. It is the very basic model of some very very interesting things to come however.
I for one enjoy the fact I got to see the development of the iPhone into what it is now ( a personal computer device). And I will equally enjoy seeing what a design model like a “grobo” will look like in 10 years. I just hope I’m around to see the human specials “move on up like the JETSONS” in my lifetime lol.


Now we’re finally on day 1 of early vegetation the roots look awesome and have really exploded and the leaves are just getting bigger and bigger, as I expected as soon as the fan turned on in the machine it started to help with the temp control which is good because I really didn’t want to have to put that ac in just after taking it out for the winter :joy:


What a leap this little one made just in a day, they grow up so fast :joy: :+1:

I did notice this though

Still early but will be watching to see as it is the only spot and the roots are white and healthy.
I’m thinking nute up take issue with trying to lower my res temperature as it’s running higher then it should be, bright side I got some hydroguard alternative coming in soon so if that is the case that should help with that.
Best case a burn from a water drop on the leaf, it was very humid today😂
Curious of what you all think?

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Here is a picture from yesterday

Here is from today

What do you think looks a little off to me bottom leaves are curling in and the stock seems to be a little weak any expert opinion?


Figure I’d add a pic of the roots just in case this might be the issue with the curling of the leaves hoping it’s not root rot, no smell doesn’t feel slimey any takers?
I’m thinking nute stain but with what’s going on with the leaves not too sure :thinking:


Made your pic a bit brighter:

I’d double-check the green area for any brown spots/slime. Before it becomes slime it might just look like dust that’s attached to the roots. Further down the roots (what is still underwater in the pic) might also show show signs of that.

The way the on circled in red is shrivelling up at the tip (and is it darkening?) would concern me. If it gets thicker it’s fine but if it’s not making it to the water it’s probably being attacked by something.

It’s entirely possible that’s just a case of bad lighting, too. Something to look at if nothing else stands out.

Also, the cocopod does seem a touch low. It might be a good idea to slide it up half an inch orso (carefully).


Thanks for the tip @vegetato will be keeping an eye on this closely I took your advice and moved it up and took a pic of the whole roots. when I pushed it up it also pushed up some moisture from the coco pod up and made the top of it damp so I soaked it up and had some green stuff on the paper towel hopefully it’s not Mold and just normal I did also include in the pics and that brown stuff on the roots isn’t slimy and comes right off but will be watching for further developments


Is that green stuff from the top of the pod?

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Sadly yes

Ah okay, I’m not 100% on that to be honest, but I do know that green algae on top of the pod is considered not a good thing, however, scraping it off or doing what you did probably is the best solution! Don’t quote me, but I’ve heard @vegetato say that green algae or black is bad on top of the pod more than once.

I have been using paper towels for the past week here and there trying to dry my cocopod out, and I haven’t seen any green whatsoever, only wetness from the moisture darkening the paper towels

I bet others will have some more concrete answers


Thanks for the feedback I didn’t think it was good but I new I wasn’t going to let it sit and wait to find out plus this might be why my plant is looking a little off with some bad algae attacking the roots

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Yea, props for you for taking initiative and being vigilant. I’ve seen multiple times on here something like “I wasn’t checking my plant for a couple of days and then _____ happened”, which I get that life gets hectic, but unfortunately in those situations the lack of a watchful eye might have made the world of difference I could only imagine.

Your Hydroguard should be in soon I would hope, and that will definitely help the lower root issues. There are other options to combat browning of the roots, so I would keep an eye on the roots from here on out and if it becomes a big issue there are other fixes that the Champs can recommend here for you.

You know I’m kinda curious; I just got my Grobo about a month ago and I had to calibrate my pH pen like 10-12 days in to my grow as someone pointed out something in my plant… turns out it failed the health check and I had to re-calibrate it. That might be something to think about as well, probably can find the pH solutions at your hydroponic store for sure, maybe even at a pet store because of aquariums and stuff I would imagine. Keep that in mind cuz I wanted to believe my Grobo worked fine since It was brand new but that was not the case, if I didn’t check it I bet I would be running into some further issues now and my plant is bigger so it’s a pain in the ass already to try to lift the lid and do something like that… plus my holes for my pH and EC meter were too small, so I have them taped and hanging down in > . <

Also as far as the algae, I’ve seen more than once Champs saying on here to “scrape it off” so maybe you can go back in and scrape it off physically to be proactive without damaging too much of the Cocopod of course if you can help it


I was worried about the health check I’m the same as you I haven’t had this box for a month there “shouldn’t be” issues with the reading, I would get it after it’s been used for a grow but doesn’t mean that this isn’t the case after all I usually have bad luck :joy: I was thinking of getting @Stephen to take a quick peek before I sent off a ticket to look at the data and see if there is something wrong under the hood lol or if it’s just something that will pass fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


That would be a good idea to get a ticket first. I was apprehensive about having to do it… really trusted that a new out of the box pH probe would be working fine… but I’m glad I did.


That’s algae, it grows on top of the coco pod if it is staying too wet for too long and gets enough light. You could cover the top of pod with foil or a paper towel or something to block the light and slow it down.

If the pod can be pushed up slightly more so it’s sticking up above the lid a bit (by 1/2" or so) that would probably help a lot.

It’d also be good to dry out that coco pod as much as possible so the algae stops thriving as it’ll lead to other issues like bacteria (leading to more root issues) and bugs (gnats).

The sooner hydroguard or something can be used the better. Have you removed the little door off the back of unit and aimed a fan in that direction to try cooling off the reservoir a bit more? I found the heat from air pump can add a degree or two on its own.


Haven’t tried blowing a fan into that area yet but will give it a try and I have pushed it up after that last picture as recommended 1/2 inch.
also dried the coco pod it was very damp, also after wiping off the algae I added a piece of paper towel to cover it up.
I have some hydroguard alternative coming in the 13 wish it was sooner but will have to do until then,
thank you for the feed back hopefully this little one survives through and grows up big and strong :muscle: :joy:

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Thank you all for the support and thank you @Dani for the advice in the support ticket.

Also @vegetato the trick with the paper towel worked great no more green algae today :+1:

Teamwork makes that dream work :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Happy growing everyone :seedling: :herb: :deciduous_tree:


Here is day 10 of early veg

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :+1:


Just about to swing into late veg will be trying topping once this final node develops so far so good little bit of a smell but not that bad :+1: