First grow gg#4 🌱 🌿 🌳

Should be fine! Looks like you got it taped up nicely. I think it will heal :slight_smile:

She’s gettin beastly O_O!


I hear ya on the beastly I’m actually using the support rack to keep the plant inside the grobo so I can close the door :joy:


Good job on the band aids. I had to tape mines up several times as well. They seem to don’t mind at all and tend to bounce back even stronger.


I’m hoping so far I’m not optimistic when I checked up on it today but I’m not too worried as it is my first grow and I’m just learning :joy:
All that matters is the end taste test :sunglasses: :dash:


Can take a bit to heal those wounds but the plants are super resilient. As long as there was a little bit of connective tissue still attached it should rebound, even if it was hanging by almost a thread


Day 20/37 of flower

Had to get rid of the part that snapped it didn’t heal, all good though because it’s getting tight in there :joy: been trying to keep it from touching the lights got some burn on the plant.

Got in and trimmed that off and used some wires to hold it back from the light :bulb: also replaced the 3,4&5 bottles.

now it’s time to finish my other weed box lol all the packages in the background fell off but at least the lights stayed up and I’m all decorated for Xmas now mind you though my tree is still in “the box” :joy:


I love your set up!


Thanks , slowly getting stuff for the stoner room together lol :joy:


Yeh, looks awesome! Nice cabinet there :smiley:


Was looking real frosty today figured I’d share some of that shine lol

I couldn’t get a good picture of the tricroms and just how frosty looking this bud actually is lol
the trichcroms are still clear a little bit of cloudy but still 12 days left of flower and flush period still to go so I’m imaging it will be good by then :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :+1: no real big buds but this for sure was a great learning experience can wait to see how it finishes up and how my next one goes compared with this grow


Lookin good!

You might not be done in 12 days though from the looks of things! Your buds can still fatten up quite a bit.

21 days ago you said you were on 5/37 of flower, but there weren’t any buds started. I think you still have another 30 days plus flush at least from now!

She’s looking nice btw


Its been a little bit so I figure I share some more frosty buds :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


It’s going to be a frosty Christmas


That’s for sure I’ve decided to let it go into flush mode I could have extended but the tricroms are nice and cloudy with some amber and it would be nice to get another grow in before this lease is up as the landlord is going to add you can’t grow plants inside as our next door neighbour had a nice bushy plant in their living room window and now it’s gone :joy: but they had no idea about mine :joy:
Either way time to look at a place where I can actually grow and have some actual cats around :+1:
I wish this picture would do it justice as to how frosty it actually looks

Happy holidays everyone :christmas_tree:


2 more days to go and then time to dry :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Going to be a fun new year just got a scale today to see what the end result will be not expecting much but all that sweet leaf is going to make some awesome oil/ butter :cookie: :sunglasses:



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@SilverGrobo going by both the tricroms are cloudy and there is some amber in there can never get a decent pic of them, I’m just letting the app finish on this grow so I can do one more grow before I move to another place :joy:

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@Mikev from your photos, the red hair coverage on the top cola buds look to be around 35% (I still see too many white hairs standing straight up), the hairs will no longer stand straight up like that and will curl up, turn red and then stick onto the buds once matured… IMHO I think you still at least another 2 weeks for proper ripeness. I personally wait until 70-80% coverage before flushing to ensure the proper doneness.

I’d say wait at least another week and check to see how far she has developed.

Here is a guide on how to gauge your plants age visually. You can compare your plant with the photos to get an idea how far along is she. My guess, she’s in week 6 of bloom

You can technically go back to feeding her in late veg and flush again when the time comes. This is the peak time for trichome development and bud densing, you’ll appreciate the wait.


The day is here :grin: I know if I took the advice of extending these buds would be even fatter but there is some big ol buds in here and it smells fantastic.

Thank you all for the advice I will be using all I have learned from this grow on my next grow jack herer
once this is all dried I’ll get the final weight in can’t wait to try it out :sunglasses:
Happy New Years everyone


Congrats on the harvest :slight_smile: Looks like some really nice buds mate!

:evergreen_tree: :stuck_out_tongue:

Jack Herer comin up next, eh? Awesome choice! Looking forward to the final weight on this for sure. Keep us updated!