First Grow Ever: CBD Medi Kush

The stem isn’t looking to good. I had to use the hangers to prop her back up. Not sure what it is though.


I see, any pics of the stem? Looks like the support helped.

Yeah had to find them, Lol


Thanks for the pics…

I’m kinda worried about your plant honestly, that stem looks really thin, it looks like it is “Damping Off” possibly… this happens when the pod is too wet around the base of the stem and it cuts off oxygen uptake by creating an anaerobic environment, and is also potentially caused by a bacteria called “Pythium” that attacks the root zone : Pythium, The Hidden Terror For Cannabis Plants - RQS Blog

  • What do your roots look like? Are they brown?

Check this plant out, looks like a very similar thing:

One plus side is that it is still green at the very base, but my advice for you is to

  1. Get that pod pushed up like a half inch above the reservoir level ASAP so you can dry it out. You might need to take some time today and use paper towels around the pod to get it to dry out. A fan or two will help too…

  2. Support your plant even more to make sure she doesn’t fall over, that cord might not be enough. The problem is that she is going to continue to grow and without support the weight might snap her.

  3. Check… is your bubbler working inside the Grobo? You hear bubbles still?

  4. Does that thin spot on the stem seem mushy or wet?

@Todd.grobo had a plant that recovered from damping off that looked a lot like this, so I think you might be okay, but just be careful!

Also, those red stems at your lower leaves could potentially be a nutrient uptake issue which makes me wonder about your root system too. Sometimes plants have red stems due to genetics but it can often be argued : What causes red stems in cannabis plants? | Grow Weed Easy

Multiple reasons but stress is a factor too.

Don’t let me scare you, I am an inexperienced grower but I have been PARANOID about this exact thing that might be happening to your plant for 39 days now after I’ve seen the destruction it CAN cause if untreated. I saw your plant leaning and I had a feeling this is what your stem was going to look like. You can still potentially save her!


I would be careful about pushing the pod up since your plant is leaning a bit, is it dry down on your pod first of all before you push it up?

Pyromancy thanks for the info! Yes the roots do have a couple of brown spots. Will try to get some pics later. I noticed the roots were tangled up in the hoses of bottles 4 and/or 5 about maybe 2 weeks ago. I freed them by slowly lifting the lid with the pod straight up until they pulled lose by themselves. They were really brown in that spot so I figured, (more like praying :grin:), it was from the dispensed nutes. I checked them at water fill time and they grew quite a bit and there was another brown spot right were they were laying by those hoses again. they wweren’t tangled up as before though.

I will check it for moisture in a bit, didn’t look wet on top but never actually felt it. I will try to get some Hydroguard. It switched to transition yesterday and I noticed the lights on a diff schedule. Should I put it back in late veg and give it another week? Aahhh the thrill of learning something new :sweat_smile:

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Someone with more exp might be able to help with that specific question but I think that they recommend to be closer to the second fan when you enter transition. One benefit of photo period plants is that you can extend veg indefinitely to get the desired “base” for flowering.

Once you enter transition, with a photo plant, the light will change to a 12 on 12 off schedule which will induce flowering.

I think it wouldn’t be too late to switch back to veg if you chose to, but again I don’t have the most experience in that matter. As far as I know I think I’ve read of a similar situation on here and they were advised to go back to veg since it’s only been 1 day since transition…

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You guys have any advice for @DBLZ3RO ?


Pics of the roots will help diagnose any potential issues as well, the browning may be from exactly what you had thought.

However, I don’t see a water temp gauge in your Grobo and if you haven’t been using Hydroguard there is a chance that there is a root issue as well since you did see some browning…

It’s a good sign that there was healthy growth though as far as I know

After propping her up on Wednesday the stem seems to be repairing itself. The top of the pod is pretty dry, no moisture to the touch. The stem was pretty dry also, but felt like it had been moist and soft but was drying back out kinda feeling, if that makes sense. Haven’t quite reached the 2nd fan yet but getting close.

image image

Sorry for the sideways pics, they were straight when I sent them, LOL! :smile:


Wow nice! You know it does look like she is healing herself to me, and she looks like she bushed up! I thought those last pics were more recent than that. That’s good your pod is dry and that the stalk feels like it’s getting stronger! Resilient plants they are!

The top growth looks really good imo, hard to see sideways but looks like some nice green stuff and some nice vertical growth going on.

I am not 100% on what the browning on the roots is, I’d let someone else with more XP chime in on that, it looks like it could be the start of some root rot but I’m not sure. Hydroguard is never a bad idea with the Grobo as far as I’ve seen on these forums though, and has been proven to start fighting off root rot if it’s present and also works great as a preventative measure moreso.

Yeah that brown spot happened when the roots were tangled up in the hoses. it spread a little more right after detangling them but that was like 2 weeks ago. All the new growth after the spot looks healthy. She was standing on her on again with the support wire barely touching when I went in to take a look and get the pics. so hopefully that’s a good sign.

Personally id let her go to transition. Push the pod up and prop the plant up and fingers crossed.


@Todd.grobo That sounds like the optimal solution at this point. She is still growing pretty good and the stalk is starting to look better. Grobo switched to transition yesterday so think I’ll just let it continue on schedule. Thanks for the advice!!! :+1: :crossed_fingers:

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Just topped off the water as she was thirsty lol, but pushed the pod up a bit just before. Standing up pretty good w/o support but put it back in just in case. :crossed_fingers:



She’s looking a lot better !


@pyromancy yes she does. Was pretty worried when I saw her leaning but she’s bouncing back nicely :grin:


I am no pro but can definitely attest to hydrogaurd. I was starting to develop the same brown slime on my roots as well due to higher water temps. I used hydrogaurd about a week ago and my roots have returned to a healthy white. Hopefully this helps.


@Leaf Yes that definitely helps. Only thing I know is what I’ve read about which is mostly “You should use Hydroguard” :smile: LOL


I know I was like what is this Hydrogaurd mess lol, but similar to you everyone was saying use it. I was planning on stoping but per recommendations from AG I will keep using even with water chiller.