First Grow! (Durban Poison)

First time growing cannabis and I’m so excited! Decided to try “Durban Poison”. I’ve been wanting to try this strain for so long but it’s either impossible to find or extremely expensive by me. This particular strain is known for containing the rarer “THC-V” cannabinoid which is supposed to be less anxiety prone and even acts as an appetite depressant rather than the appetite stimulation I get after almost every smoke. I can’t wait!!


Day 3/14 Late Vegetation: Named her “Jane”

Topped little “Jane” today. I may have done it a little late I count 6-7 nodes and I read you want to do it at 4-6. Other than that I’m going to look into some LST methods for inside of the Grobo.

Update: I’ve added 7 days to the late vegetation stage to give Jane more time to heal after topping.


No pics of Jane!? :slight_smile: I read “Early Vegetation 3/14” by mistake and saw you topped already… I was thinking WOAH too early!!

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