First Grow Do-si-dos Strain

Finally finished my first grow of Dosidos and gotta say I’m happy with my harvest. I got 46 grams of popcorn and for it being my first grow ever and not using any added nutes im surprised with my yield. The more and more I was trimming it to put in my jars the smell just got louder lol. I did try some of the shake I had leftover and it taste amazing. I do feel like I over dried it a bit so I put a humidity pack in each jar. I can’t wait till my 2nd harvest already and now that I have a little more experience with my grobo I do plan on adding nutes to my grow. I already have a Northern lights seed in germination and wanted to ask everyone their thoughts on the best additives to add to have more dense buds? Thanks :love_you_gesture::laughing::love_you_gesture:


Congrats on your harvest! The best way to get dense nugs is through light penetration and proper pruning and plant training. Additives does help, especially when boosting pk during the correct time during flower, however you will only benefit from the additives if the other conditions are met (more light to your budsites and proper airflow through out your plant and to your grobo)


Yea I know I could’ve pruned better while she was growing. I did get items to make a scrog net for the future and do plan on getting bigger fans. While I was cutting her down trimming with my gf I was telling her I should’ve cut this off to have the other branches be more dense lol. But since it was my first time growing anything I know now for future reference. Hopefully everything stays good with my next grow


This is a great grow for a first run and a lot more weight than most first run growers. You crossed the finish line that’s what’s important.
You can use this as a base line and set a bar for your next level run.


But if you are looking for additives like PK and such that would work with your grobo, here are some of the additives that I use as part of my current run that I am finishing up:

  • Hydroguard / Voodoo Juice / Turantula / Piranha / Rhizotonic - Root health and growth + reservoir bacteria health
  • Advanced Nutrients - Rhino Skin (i highly recommend doing your research on how to use this since its more advanced than just normal additives. This helps your plant become stronger and have thicker cell walls)
  • Advanced Nutrients B52 (promotes good overall health, resulting in bigger buds and stress tolerance) - This adds ppm to your reservoir so proceed with caution

PK / Boosters
encourage flower production

  • Advanced Nutrients - Big Bud
  • FloraFlex - Bloom Foliar

encourage flower dense

  • Advanced Nutrients - Big Bud
  • Canna PK 13/14
  • Canna Boost (this is like a 5 in 1 product which is why its so expensive) - Promotes fatter denser buds, more color, more trichomes, increases metabolism for photosynthesis

Promote Fattening and Ripening

  • Advanced Nutrients - Overdrive

If you are using any of these, I highly advise doing your research, have the proper equipment to make sure you are properly feeding your plant. The instructions are just a guide and not a cut and clear path to fat buds, you really have to feel your plant out and gauge its age by how it looks rather than any kind of schedule. Feeding your plant incorrectly will have a adverse effect and can destroy your crop.


Congrats !!! great strain enjoy​:+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


Thanks this is great advice :call_me_hand:



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Congratulations on the harvest! ,:clap::seedling::tada:


Congrats! The buds are frosty!