First grow - all suggestions appreciated!

Here we go - new Groboer here. I posted after my purchase (last month) and it is en route to be delivered tomorrow! I am germinating my seeds in the paper towel method. I purchased Blim Burn Purple Grizzle Seeds.

A previous poster recommended I purchase HydroGuard and Recharge. Any additional items I should buy? And when would these nutrient boasters be used?

Thank you!



Day 1…. so it begins! First grow too - all suggestions appreciated!


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definitely need some nice precision shears like these
I would highly recommend buying second set of nutrients now(depending on your grow there’s a good chance you’ll run out of 3 ,4,5 before harvest if you do anything like topping)
I highly recommend watching the grobo videos on their you tube channel. Ultimate grow guide is very helpful to see how it all works.
something like this you’ll want asap to get a better feel for internal temp and RH


i bought a humidifier from costco and have an old dehumidifier which I’ve needed to use both depending on the season

some magnetic hooks set and scrog net/ or just string and twist ties has been very helpful to help low stress train and support the branches of your plant


Here’s an update for everyone! Today is day 11, day 1 in early vegetation. Question, I am using distilled water. My 5th bottle, balance. Doesn’t look like it has been used. Does that seem correct?


Looks good so far. Let her work.


If anything, check that #5 hose for kinks - at the top of the bottle in the lid as well as where it folds over into the reservoir.


Doesn’t seem to be many bubbles :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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@Osage, the positioning of that air stone seems “off” now that you mention that (there doesn’t seem to be many bubbles). It’s up against the back wall standing vertically?

@GreenBean2019 you might want to route those cables around the reservoir and in where the other hoses fold over the front, as opposed to running them straight across the water from the back. I also don’t see the clear plastic shield to protect the fill sensors from roots - did you remove that intentionally?

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Thank you for your feedback @vegetato @Osage @Kevin here are a few better photos of the reservoir. I checked the line on bottle 5 but didn’t see anything that stood out. The top that came with the bottle actually didn’t have any holes. I had to puncture the lid. And good point @vegetato I don’t have a plastic shield. I don’t recall receiving one. I see the roots are landing in the sensors area.

Thanks again for the help. Happy New Years to all!

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Unless there was a design change, that air stone should be aligned from left->right in the bottom center of reservoir (resting on the floor) as opposed to being stood up vertically like that. The bubbles should be emerging directly beneath the cocopod if I’m not mistaken - it’s usually glued there.

As for the plastic shield, have heard of one or two others not receiving one. I’d wonder if the unit wasn’t fully assembled if it’s missing the glue and the shield?

Can you turn your #5 bottle by 90° so we can see into it, perhaps the hose is suctioned against the inner wall of the bottle or simply not reaching? Also peek down inbetween the reservoir and that front faceplate behind the bottles, are the hoses plugged in on the pump that feeds the #5 bottle?