First Grow - AK-47

Hi all,

I am new to growing though been gardening indoors and outdoors since I can remember and been doing bonsai for 10 years so I am comfortable with training and etc. This is my 44 day old AK-47. I took off some fan leaves, some lower branches that had no chance of producing much and fimmed the top a little while back. All done a few days apart each time so not to stress the plant. I also used the supporting rack wires to guide a few branches up.

This girl is eating nutrients like crazy, especially numbers 3 and 4. Down to a quarter on both. Had to order another set. I have a saltwater reef tank and have an RODI unit so I know my water is good. I am not familiar with this plant’s growth patters here as much as I am with my bonsais so any guidance would be much appreciated. Nothing to compare to…is she where she needs to be at this stage? More pics after they let me post more then one.


Here is the top view.


All plant strains grow differently. You may want to think about switching your water source to Reverse Osmosis or a mixture of RO and distilled to get the best out of your nutrients or you could find yourself spending more than you have to on replacements.

RO is what I use. I have like a 5 stage RODI unit that I use for my saltwater reef tank. That water is as pure as it gets or are you saying that its too pure?

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Water is fine. Looks healthy

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Plant is healthy but his nute bottles look off.

Looks normal to me. What part looks not normal

Just that every bottle is lower than his no#5
No big deal though.

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I’ll just refill them when they new ones get here and see what happens down the line.

Still looks normal to me.

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Your probably right! Could be the strain!

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@dasickle, she is looking really good. Keep at it.

I also grew AK-47 but autoflower for my first grow. Check out my main post here:


Saw it a few days ago. That thing got tall! 3oz is a good result tho. I am just trying to not kill this one since its my first grow.


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@SilverGrobo Thanks. I did get the branches moved around a bit and cut off a few more fan leaves that were covering the good stuff. Here is day 48. Starting to get that smell going quite a bit.


Quick update. This is where we are at day 61. She grew quite a bit. Almost at the sensor level. I am seeing flowers. Did a bit of clean up at the bottom. I see a lot of flowers developing between nodes along the stems below the canopy. I am not sure if I should do any more lollipopping or if I should remove more fan leaves or just let if grow a bit more. Any advise would be appreciated.


I am also thinking about taking the two tall branches in the center back and using the magnetic hooks to pull them closer to the side walls.

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