Firmware or Software updates?

@bruno @Stephen @Chris any chance you guys are doing some work on the backend of the server for the Grobo? Currently I’m seeing the unit (what I believe to be) Pulsing Pink, could be Blinking Pink :man_shrugging:t2: (I’ve already submitted a ticket to see if it’s just my unit specifically), however, I wanted to inquire and see maybe if you guys were working on something which may have caused my unit to be in this mode.

If not, we may have something else on our hands. Looking forward to isolating what’s taking place either way!

Thanks as always!


The past two days one of my units has been losing wifi at some point during the evening and constantly blinking blue by morning, but the lights come on at the correct time and rebooting has been resolving it.

Some sort of log of these events would be nice to pinpoint when it’s happening.


Hi @Rich,

Your best bet is to talk with Stephen on this matter as it’s definitely going to take some looking into. Can’t give you an immediate answer, sorry



This really speaks to the fact that this device needs more software updates, that actually tells us what is going on with our device.

Being a software engineer myself, I know many feature requests around these forums are big asks, but asking to show log files, and see our own data, is not a big ask from a development, or validation standpoint. Make an advanced tab, and just expose the data, this would not even require much validation on your end if it’s a “use at your own risk”

This would also reduce hours you spend with us, the customer, answering questions the device already knows, but you won’t make visible to us.

This has been my biggest upset with this device, I was hoping we would be getting small incremental software updates overtime, improving the user experience. This has not been the case. T

I’m in the market for another grow box, and was wanting to stick with a 2nd Grobo, but given that we seem to have no roadmap, or any viable software updates in months, is making me consider other upcoming units like Leaf, or Seedo. The unit has been great, but for what we pay, I want to see some incremental software updates.

I know this is an early product, but the whole point of buying in to early products, is to watch the software stack grow with it, which would greatly improve this unit. This does not seem to be a focus at all.


@Stephen have you received my ticket submission regarding this matter? Things are not yet resolved.

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Hey Rich,

I’ve seen the ticket and have escalated it to our engineering team to investigate. Hang in there, as soon as I have some next steps, I’ll share.



Appreciate it sir! Currently, the unit is operating as normal, but it’s the ups and downs that the Grobo continues to experience that begins to worry me. Looking forward to their findings!

We’ll get it figured out!


I’ll put my hat in this as well. I constantly get the quick flashing blue. sometimes it resolves itself after a while, other times I have to unplug and plug back in.

We did a bunch of trouble shooting early days (last grow) and we even put in a new antenna (thanks Stephen), but it still happens. Finally, I put an AP DIRECTLY above the unit - literally 5’ of space from the unit to the AP (wireless access point) and I still experience it. One other thing we though was perhaps the channel was overloaded. I’m using a corporate level UTM solution, and have tried changing the channel, no dice. While this is simply my back and forth and troubleshooting, if others are experiencing this as well, it seems like it would point back to either a software / firmware issue, or perhaps a AWS issue with communication back to the mothership causing the crash.

I offer the above simply as steps I’ve taken and not to bash. Sh!t happens. But, it is still ongoing.


I’m not entirely sure as why you weren’t able to directly answer the question of whether or not software/firmware updates were being made…

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Something has definitely occurred with the Grobo unit or the backend and would like for this resolved ASAP as this plant is bound to die if things aren’t addressed.

Hey @Rich,

I can answer that question. No updates have been made this week that would effect your unit from a software or firmware perspective. The good news is that I have a lead on your specific unit issues that I’ll communicate through the support channel in a couple hours once I touch base with the team briefly.

Thanks for the update @RedCorrado! We have several versions of the Wifi Beta test running, so once we get a chance to analyse the data a bit, we will be optimising and hopefully offering the upgrade to all growers.




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Also - Not trying time be negative! Just sharing feedback on the device.

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I have not had any issues like this. My unit is in the garage, and I’m using a Mesh network, running 3x Orbis.

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The wifi issue I noticed hasn’t reoccurred, it was just yesterday and the day prior that it happened. That’s the first I’ve seen of them losing connection like that, and it was just one of the two (they are side by side).

My grobos are about 2 feet away from the hotspot which is built into the modem.

Have you pulled a log? I’m running Ubiquiti Unifi UTM with 3 X AP’s in mesh. I’m showing constant up and down from the IP / MAC associated with the Grobo.

The constant up/down isn’t what I was concerned with, though that insight is interesting. I have a separate issue with old access points being saved which has prevented me from moving it to one where I can better inspect that aspect of things. It’s currently directly connected to my modem which was not where I wanted it to be permanently.

My concern is when it goes down and doesn’t come back online immediately and stays in the rapid-blinking-blue state. It did turn the lights on at the right time but it wasn’t accepting remote commands.

What I mean by solid connectivity is that the light in front stays blue and when I use the drain/fill/light buttons they typically work without issue (I have rarely ever seen the “grobo is not connected” message).

Roadmap! Good idea!! But I know what happens with roadmaps. That leads to expectations, and when the roadmap changes, people get upset. Hmmm… wonder if there is a happy medium. They possibly also may not want to display a roadmap to keep out the competition. :thinking:

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