Final results

Hi, all! So after more than 160 days growing, plus flushing and drying, these are my final results on my GSC grow:
Total weight (dry): 3.41 oz. (96.67 g)
Product weight in jars: 2.22 oz. (62.94 g)
Seems there was a water loss of 81.53 percent.
After the wet product was weighed, there was some trimming of sugar leaves and stems. After the drying process and after weighing the dry material, the end product was further cut and finally put in jars. So, the almost 63 g is the very net. Until my next grow, happy harvest to all!



((#Harvest)): :clap:




I think that’s still the highest yield on here, congrats!


Fantastic results! What is that little white cylinder you have in the back right corner? :face_with_monocle:


Thanks. I was a bit bummed seeing 18 oz turning into 3 oz. But it’s still something and it was my first. That’s a humidifier in the back.



Thank you!

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Congrats on your harvest!


Got ya, what was your target RH while drying? The climate is quite humid where I’m located, most likely will need the opposite (dehumidifier).

Ideal curing temps and humidity are around 60f/and 60rh from what I’ve read

Thanks Russel,

Sounds right for curing. Do you use the same specs for drying? Grobo Support contends that RH should be 30-40% for drying. Also what jar setup/process are you using for curing?

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Here is some literature from a cannabis course from the university of Guelph. My buddy just recently did this course and passed on his units to me basically through pictures lol

Sorry if they’re out of order but that’s is what they’re teaching :man_shrugging: lol


I think you just over dried maybe a little bit. 81%loss is kinda high, anyone can chime in on this too. It’s typically around 60-70% loss. I bet if you threw in some humidi-packs it would restore some weight and help with the cure better :+1:. You should have finished near a quarter pound almost from what I gather?


In my experience I like the slow dry into the cure better opposed to faster drying. I think it tastes better in the end after a good month or more cure. Just from my personal experiences anyway :+1:


Good stuff thank you!

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The unit is an a/c closet. Humidity is about 40s, so I tried to bring it above 50

Understood, did it work?

Humidity hovered around low 50s while in the unit when drying. I burped my babies today and installed an analog cigar gauge I had in one of the jars while it was open. The humidity then was 54. I will check again tomorrow and will jot down the readings while the jar is still closed.


That is a wealth of information. Thanks! I am in the curing stage now and using mason jars with two-piece lid. I understand now that these may not be optimal as they tend to rust with time. I put an analog cigar box humidity gauge in one of the jars while it was burping and will check the Rh tomorrow with the lid still on.


No worries, hope it helps! That’s good about the hygrometer, hopefully you can get it to go up a bit. If not look into the boveda/integra packs to bring it up to where you want to be.

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