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now it is mid of november and still no real information about shipping, taxes and delivery dates. If grobo is really certified and ready for shipping this year this information should be available. Why is it not?
You also got a lot of beta testing in your lab and in the home of beta testers - why don’t we get some comprehensive tests about how grobo is working (yield, noise, smell, app desing etc.)?
The pictures and information from @Stephen are great but I would expect much more from a product at the edge of release.
Who can answer those questions? @bjorn? @joshua?




BUMP! Can anyone please help out?

Hi Fanatic,

As shipping, tax, and delivery date will be slightly different for everyone, we haven’t put out a blanket announcement - it just couldn’t be accurate. We’re still on track to begin the first shipments in 2017 as planned and shared. You should have received that update. I’m glad you’re enjoying all the updates from Stephen, we’ll keep those coming! We’re all working overtime over here, so thanks for sticking with us and for your patience. Great things are coming.



when you say first shipments begin in 2017, does that mean one unit or hundreds of units?

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More than one unit, yes. We’ll likely have 50+ units manufactured and shipped.

Hi Josh,

Can you let us know when we will begin to see the “weekly updates” that were promised in last months update? Speaking of update, can we expect to receive an update for this month within the next few days?

As for shipping the (50+ units) mentioned above in 2017, will you continue to shipping units as they are complete (per customer) or is the approach to only release when you’ve reached a “batch size”? Can you please give some more insight as to when we will begin to hear solid dates of shipping windows? December is (7) days away with Grobo’s promise of shipping units also on the line. We’ve been patient with you guys through all the delays and we need to make sure that all marks are being hit on the side of Grobo to make it to the finish line.

Looking forward to your response! Thanks Josh, take care!


Hey Rich,

Yes, you’ll still get the usual update. Weekly updates are here on AllGrowers, not by email. And that’s right, we’re manufacturing in batches. It’s quicker to produce a batch than it would be to individually build one by one. As mentioned before, we don’t have concrete shipping dates. We’re staying away from a big blanket statement like that because no two orders are the same, I hope you can understand.

We’re already working on a system to allow you to see where your individual order stands, when your individual unit entered production, and automatically show your specific order details all in one place.

Thanks again Rich, take care!

Hi Josh,

I’m referring to the Allgrowers Forum here regarding the weekly updates, they aren’t occurring whatsoever as far as I can see.

I’m happy to hear batches are the approach vs per order. I just wanted to get confirmation. As for being able to get the status of each individual order, how far out are we from that? That’s very exciting news and I look forward to having access to that.

Thank you for getting back to me! Looking forward to your response! Take care!



Any updates on the above?


That feature should come out in the next couple weeks. And another email update is coming, have no fear.

How about the “weekly updates” where do we stand with those within the forum? Again, I’m just asking questions based off of information you guys provided to us.

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Hey Rich, These have so far been hey, hellos, we’re-still-here-working-on-cool-stuff-for-you updates. The regular product updates that (I think) you’re looking for still go out by email.

Hope this helps,

Hi Josh,

I’m familiar with the link and the subcategory, however posts haven’t actually been made by any of the team memebers or beta testers. Everything has been very quite over the last month and as the end of year shipping promise quickly approaching I would expect a surplus of updates and interactions within the forum. Again, this is all my personal opinion, I’ve voiced this concern before and it’s fallen on deaf ears at this point.

If you could help me out with contacting me directly I would greatly appreciate it. I’d like to know more information regarding my order specifically. I do not want to be told about the refund policy as it has nothing to do with wanting a refund. I want this product. I believe in this product. I just want to have the physical product and honesty. That’s what I want from a company and I’ve not felt that with Grobo over the past few weeks. So, if yourself or @bjorn could contact me directly I would greatly appreciate your time. Bjorn, you know I’m not here to bash and I’ve told you that privately, information is all I’ve ever stressed and that’s the same echoed throughout this forum from the few active members we do have.

I get you guys are under the gun internally and things are probably happening on the fly, so the information is fluid. However, we need something here within the forums so feed us. Come up with something short and sweet to keep our attention, small updates regarding small victories, what new things were achieved this week, ANYTHING. It keeps your audience focused and motivated in the product (Grobo) which in turns keeps folks happy. It’s the little things, but those aren’t everyone’s core values. Just try to see from the perspective of the customer who has given money to a company and when questions about product being delayed, or shipment information it’s all seems to go unanswered. I’m not trying to get anyone in trouble, rather better the path of communication between customer and product. Looking forward to your dialogue.

Take care guys!


Hi @rich,

You are entirely correct we have been quiet during the past month. We have moved offices to double our production and testing capabilities (we now have a 1,000 sqft growing facility!). This move and preparing for production have taken a ton of our time. We have also been performing extensive lifetime testing of every component in Grobo as part of our commitment to quality, which will be outlined in the update.

Your comments certainly have not fallen on deaf ears and we’re working on a huge initiative to help communication. Full details are in the update on Friday, but we will be launching our app in late December and it will include a tool for tracking your Grobo through our entire manufacturing process. That way you will finally be able to see where your individual order is!

I’ll email you now and can answer any other questions there. We’re very excited for your feedback on the update this week!



Now that the middle of December is upon us, has anyone received notification regarding shipping of their Grobo? If so, when will you receive your unit? I am curious, because since September of 2016 I have seen deadline after deadline fall by the wayside and unfulfilled, leaving me with more questions than answers. Perhaps if somebody (besides “beta” testers) actually had a unit up and running it would give some hope to those that are all paid up and waiting for the one deadline that isn’t missed



When will you be announcing the first round of orders going out? You’ve promised shipment before end of 2017, are you sticking to this date?

Are we going to begin to receive additional information on the product, pictures, videos, logs, time lapse, anything? Disappointed to see little done after my last posts regarding the same complaint that continues to echo on this forum.


after getting an email and seeing that my grobo is not shipping till may 2018 I have to say I am extremely disappointed in this company. I preordered in august of 2016. so that will be almost 2 years waiting if it actually ships in may of 2018. I’m not holding my breath. I will believe it when somebody actually gets one of these. from what I see this is a company that is in way over there head financially and destine to fail. very disappointing.


I also got May 2018 - big disappointment.

@Captain_Blaze and @Rich - As you’ve seen, we just launched our new tool where you can track your order through the entire manufacturing process. It contains additional information on your order and our manufacturing processes.

@greenmatter and @fanatic - We understand your disappointment and will continue working hard to accelerate these timelines. We are still on track to begin shipping Grobos and fulfilling orders next week. By January I would expect that you will start seeing more and more customers sharing their stories!

Joshua has also just posted the latest weekly update here with some pictures of the assembly process!

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@bjorn that is what I’m looking for. Thank you for the app, it’s helpful and a very positive note. Looking forward to the continued flow of updates and uptake in production numbers.

Thanks for getting back to me Bjorn!

Take care!

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