Feminized seed

Hello, I’m new here and a first time grower (I won’t count my one failed tent attempt😅). So naturally I’m excited and nervous to grow my first seed, Pineapple Express Feminizes seed, in my Grobo. I read that feminized seeds can harvest a high yield, however my concern is that since it’s not an auto flower, how can I control the height of the plant to avoid being burned by the light and still produce get a high yield?

I apologize if this has been answered already but I’m still learning this community platform. I’ll accept any tips on using this space better as well. Thanks!


Well with auto flowers you cannot control the height as much. You are growing a feminised photoperiod so you can control the height by adjusting the time spent in certain stages like late vegetation.


Thanks! I’m assuming the app will help guide me with controlling height/harvest etc with a photoperiod seed? Also is alkaline spring water optimal for grow or should I just stick to distilled water?

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If possible best is R/O water or distilled…

The app will control the lighting but it’s up to you to train your plant… Many people here can help you with that. Also watch this video it will guide you start to finish


Fyi, the Grobo notifications are just friendly reminders. You do not need to follow them precisely. Most of us do not follow the notifications. For example, you can drain/fill your water earlier if needed.


When is a best time to drain/fill? First time


You should change the water every 7 days. During flower you should top your plant off with water because she will be drinking a lot. Lots of folks here do a drain/fill after a heavy defoliation