Fellow growers unite!

Ok so I am stuck I am growing purple haze but she seems to grow huge fan leaves I am in flowering right now and I gave her a hair cut my problem is if I cut all the huge leaves I’m gonna leave her naked what do you guys recommend ?

I did some research and watched some videos and I have been listening to a lot of Kyle Kushman lately he said to removed huge fan leaves And leaves that are blocking bud sites ( duh I know that ) but if you don’t have to remove them then don’t If I follow that advice I will leave her naked recommendations GO SHOT !


General thought here is the same, but try not to trim more than 30%.

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I’d start with the ones that are stretching out the furthest and have the most “fingers”. Not to mention those that are hanging over bud sites and causing them to be in their shadow!

This shows the stems I’d snip off:


Also it’s best not to trim “too much” during flower but really depends on genetics and general health of the plant, some can take more than others.

I just schwazzed mine on day 1 of flower and am going to heavily trim again on day 20 and (hopefully) that’s it, but never know might have to clear some shade again after that!


Thanks brotha my last grow I felt like I cut to much off I think my potency was lacking cause of that trying not to make the same mistakes (Learn from your grows )


Do some fan Leaf Tucking it doesn’t look pretty but it works @ least in Auto grows for me it does !


What all those guys said…lol​:grin:I’m growing the same strain so I’m m going to shut my my and listen and be a little weedhopper if you don’t mind​:sunglasses: :+1:

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Lol hop away I remember you saying you are growing it ina tent how’s that working out and what’s your temps like humidity, what nuts you using I have been looking into rdwc systems and grow lights etc ltrying to do a lot of research see what rout I would take

:joy: yeah I actually have one in Grobo about 30 days old that struggled a bit, but seems to be coming to form. I may top her tomorrow and trim it up after, when I do the water change. Also I have two Purple Hazes in my :tent: started at different times. I only use soil. One is in a three gallon and the one I just started is in a seven gallon. . The other two are Dos Si Dos…



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