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Hey tent growers is this tent size and light size efficient for two hydroponic bucket plants? Thanks @Vicc @Todd.grobo thanks growers


If you trim and train them correctly yes, ie lollypop, lst, screen of green. If you just let them grow the top half will get so big and thick that it will block all the light from the bottom half. This will cause the top half to mature a lot faster than the bottom half. On my first grow I had to harvest the top and then let it grow for another week or so and then harvest again. I ended up doing that about 4 times and that still left ALOT of small airy popcorn buds.
You might also check out this set up. If I remember correctly the mars lights are more output with less power consumption (better light than the spyder).


tents are 60-100 for the sizes, 2 x 2 to 5x5. a lot more when you do brand names like gorilla
i dont know those lights and personally wouldnt use any off amazon. if your going to spend 500, get quality that will last a decade.
The Green Sunshine Co sells some awesome LEDs for 500 to 700 to 1000+


That’s exactly the same tent :tent: an light :bulb: I was going to get but before I did anything I asked a whole lot of questions to different people u got to ask ur self what is it that u are trying to achieve quality quantity how many plants :seedling: exc. the light :bulb: is very important if u trying to grow quality so many things to find out before doing anything imo :+1:t2::dash::seedling:

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Agreed with u :100::+1:t2::dash::seedling:

You can easily do 4 plants with that tent.


I personally have 2 mars ts1000 and I am very happy with them.
Here is a journal of a guy currently testing both lights. So far they seem to be the same.