FedEx sucks

Could have been worse. Mine was left in the box on my driveway. No signature nothing.


I get a lot of network switches and packages sent to me via fedex so I have talked with my local driver who is like 100 yrs old. I actually had to help my fedex guy get my grobo off the truck, but he did knock on my door

I am 100% in agreement that fedex is terrible and I’m glad to see amazon drop them. Hopefully they drop surepost as well which is ups that drops off at usps for the final journey


I happened to see my guy pull up at the very very end of the day like 6 pm. I went out there to see if I could help as he was carrying the box on his shoulder! Don’t they have dollies for stuff over a hundred pounds!? I’m glad I was there to help him set it down by my front door. My poor baby (unit) did take a beating getting here. There are things that don’t ‘work’ or got bent on my unit not gonna lie, but with the plants coming outta it I’d never know it so I let it be. Summed up; Fed Ex is not the best by any stretch-


I am upset that the Grobo Team always gets raged on for the things that Fed Ex is responsible for! Most of the growers problems have been from banged up torn apart units delivered.


@Bplatinum9 I didn’t see any rage here… most everyone pointed the finger at fedex. Not sure your statement is accurate at all to be honest. Sure some of it is on end users. I myself have admitted that, but to suggest a lot of the units issues is on fedex like the guy yesterday who posted his pumps were hooked up wrong is not a fedex issue. I’ve yet to see anyone blame grobo for fedex, but maybe I skipped over those posts

From what I can tell most of the growers problems are direct results of high water temps or nute issues and nothing to do with shipping at all

Hey I’m only blaming FedEx on me not getting my grobo on time. Ita all on fedex.


Lol Sorry if you thought I was talking about you chef! I have read over 13.9 K posts and I have heard some fed ex stories here and there! No worries Grobrother!


I was not speaking of any rage from this particular post, I was speaking in general but, I can see where my post could have been interpreted in that way so I’ll have to be more specific in posts to come. Like I explained to chef I’ve read 13.9K posts and have heard bad fed ex reports other places also, so although you don’t think my statement is accurate I assure you it is, just not in this instance. Also some of the damages reported (not in a recent case) was actually due to damage from delivery I’m sure @Stephen can attest to that.


I had multiple shipping damages when I opened unit up after fedex dropped it in my yard on its side. Kinda give them credit cause they put it under a pop up tent I had outside and it was supposed to rain, but I have a decent porch that would have been better. :man_shrugging: All fixed and growing :call_me_hand:


Hey all,

We have heard your feedback and have dropped FedEx entirely. I’m setup with UPS for all of our deliveries moving forward. We have also redesigned our packaging to improve it’s durability and protection.

I really enjoy spending time helping growers learn and get better, not really having much fun fixing dents.



The best thing to do if your Parcel Delivery Guy is just plain LAZY,
search google for the following products:

"Pressure Sensitive Door Mat Alarm" - When they step on the mat, the alarm goes off!

"1byONE PIR Motion Sensor Driveway Alert Alarm System" - When they pass by the motion sensor, the chimes will sound!

Once these are set up at your house, at least you’ll have a fighting chance
to catch them in the act of hanging the dreaded "Attempted Delivery Notification"
door-hanger on your doorknob.

If you want, you could also look into buying a Dual Camera Video Doorbell.
One of the cameras is facing downward, so you can see if a parcel has been left
on your doorstep.

Search Google:
Maximus - “Answer” DualCam Video Doorbell

Hope this helps Yall



I’m just glad FedEx was dropped because even with the motion and ring sensors on my ring camera it was a race to get to the door before they pulled off.

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The Driveway Alarm gets them before they come to the door! :wink:
Gives you an extra second or 2 to catch them!
You gotta’ be FAST… they’re sneaky little buggers!
They just want to do the least amount of work, for the most amount of money,
in the shortest period of time.


The ring doorbell has the same sensors and goes off when anyone walks or drives by, I think they just run fast!

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Sounds like you have to take your ALERT NOTIFICATION SYSTEM to the next level.
Have a gate installed, whereby they can’t press the doorbell, until they pass through the gate.

Search Google:

“gate sensors”
“gate alarms”



Lol!!! They would rather leave it on the side of the road for sure! They once left a huge box on the side of my house, who looks for boxes there? I never have those problems with UPS. If I start to I will be sure to install some of your ideas!

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Well, good luck!
I hope all your delivery guys work out for you.








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It maybe worse. so sorry.

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This is what I am having to deal with from UPS.

Doesn’t get much worse than this. 4th time in the last 30 days they have done this.