Federal Express delivery is a failure

As ive told Grobo before UPS delivery only works for me not Federal Express dont use them. I have severe Multiple Sclerosis and I cant use or even make it to the door that Federal Express uses and refuses to change . I can’t crawl, walk, or drive. The VA wheelchair ramp goes to my front door. There are signs on my doors saying don’t leave packages at this door another sign says leave packages at this door


They definitely are a careless bunch.

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I hate fedex they are the worst. I dont know how they are still in biss… I seen them throw my packages at my door


UPS does the same in eastern Canada.

UPS delivers to the RIGHT door at my house unlike FedEx .

Same problem here. I think they would throw the packages out the window as the drove by if they could get away with it. There are 2-3 different FedEx drivers in my area, only 1 of them will actually bring packages inside our apartment complex and drop them off at our doors. UPS on the other hand always brings them inside, getting them to actually remember to make the delivery on the other-hand is a different matter.

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Yea Federal Express sucks no matter what form they want you to fill out ahead of time . It’s for their convenience not yours :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

For the 3rd time this month UPS drove right by my place and didn’t deliver my packages.

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