Fat Banana Day 37

Hey Guys. I am on day 37 and Late Veg Day 13/14 and it’s seems small.
Should I extend it or let it go? Any advise and help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


She’s happy and quite beautiful :+1::v:

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Thank you. I will take that to mean to leave her alone. Thank you again.

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Personally I’d add a week minimum two more likely.


Two more weeks Or when it hits the second fan!


Trim it up and extend it!



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Fat Banana


((#YourGrowYourCall)): :herb:

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((#SheIsLookingVeryHappy)): :smiley:

(Being the first time you’re growing this strain, it sounds like it could be a monster in the right environment): (Maybe extend it just over the first fan if you dare and manipulate it to your likings): (You get to grow it a second time you will know what to look for):


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Top her (if you haven’t) and extend for sure, she is a beauty though!

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