Fans off during Transition [resolved]

I am currently on Transition day 3 and I noticed that neither of the grobo fans in the back are running. Is this normal?

I remember the lower fan was running while I was in late veg but now it stopped.

They are most likely running it is just very hard to tell. 1. The fan guard looks like fan blades. 2. The fans do not move much air. 3. The blades move to fast to see with the naked eye. Try shining an LED flashlight into the fan when you inspect. Also you can usually feel a very slight amount of air movement by placing your hand over the fan on the outside of the rear of the unit.


I put my face right up against them, they are definately not running. I also stuck a skewer through it just to confirm .


Okay after a 3rd reboot, the fans turned on… crisis aborted lol :sweat_smile:


Just want to add my method of blowing air in from the back of the Grobo, you should be able to see the fan blades slow down enough to get a visual, otherwise they run too fast to see with the naked eye to be honest

Glad you got them working, I know the feeling… like “Oh man now I gotta open a support ticket, wait for them to help, then fix this shit myself -_-”

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