Fan Speed

Yesterday was the day that the 2nd fan kicked on for me. I noticed that it is blowing at a noticeably less power output than the bottom fan. They are both on and working its just not as powerful.

If you ever have used the standing fan in a room typically they have 1,2,and 3 speed levels. I’d say my bottom fans like a 2 maybe 3 and the top fan is like a 1. I wasn’t sure if anybody else noticed this and if this is how it is it supposed to function. Anyone? :man_shrugging:t5:

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Hey @alucard, I’ve checked on mine, esp first go around with grow to make sure they were functioning properly, and feel they’re relatively the same speed. Could be mistaken though.

The second does the same for me but I believe it’s because one is responsible bringing in new air other for circulating air … but that’s just opinion

@chris_barfield @dew I did a restart on my system and notice that it started blowing a little harder I think.

There is an opening for both fans at the back so they both bring in fresh air. They may have turned them down via programming back in the day as some people found the units a bit on the noisy side. Not sure if they did turn them down but as is I think the fans are actually a bit under powered, there is barely any leaf movement except for the ones closes to it. :man_shrugging:

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@azuri speaking of noise I think it’s the water pump hose in the back it like vibrates and makes a humming noise. I don’t mind the fans blowing the noise actually gets drawn out as I run a fan but the humming does kind of annoy me. Sometimes if I put my hand on the back of the unit it’ll will temporarily stop. I don’t know if there’s some way I can rig up the hose if I uncover it I really don’t want to mess with it but I wonder if there’s a fix to make the humming a little less noticeable other than that the noise doesn’t really bother me. It might be that some hose or wiring touches the frame and makes the vibration not sure :man_shrugging:t5:


Hmm, I’ve tagged @Rich I think he had something similar and resolved it? We’ll see if he can add anything. :+1:

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I’m wondering if I can have them turn my fan speed up … I’ve notuced the buds that aren’t getting that wind don’t develop as nicely as the one closest to the fan … the ones closest to the fan on my plant super frosty almost all white and bigger


Lmk @chris_barfield

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