Has anyone figured out how to add another plant to the grobo? Does anyone make a lid with multiple spots for plants?


There’s no room for two healthy plants in there! Even if you did somehow squeeze two in there, the yield would suffer or one would get completely shaded by the other, which would mean two weaker plants instead of one strong one. The root systems also would just tangle up and suffocate each other in the tank.

Gotta keep in mind that in a larger space than a Grobo, one large strong plant can produce more than multiple smaller plants if you let it veg long enough, train it right, and feed it properly


Thank you for responding and I understand/agree. What’s the most you’ve yielded from the grobo and what strain was it? How long was veg also?


I haven’t had a completed grow yet, on my second currently! Got a link to it from my profile etc :smiley:

The most I remember is 3.1 oz. I’d say overall the average is 1.5 or 1.75 oz from a plant.

Veg time can vary depending on environment and strain etc. Most people veg their plants (for best success) for 5-7 weeks total. (edited the amount, I think 5-7 is more accurate)