Extra shipping fees

did anyone else get a letter from fedex for extra shipping fees. I got a bill from fedex for 60 dollars in fees. don’t really think its fair that I have to pay this after I all ready paid 250.00 for shipping.

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Hi there!

These aren’t fees, they’re taxes! The taxes are collected by FedEx on behalf of your home State. Since Grobo is a Canadian company, we are unable to charge our US customers taxes like we do with our Canadian customers. Your home State will collect taxes on the unit when it is shipped to you. This is all outlined in our Terms and Conditions found here.

We’ve never charged $250 for shipping. If you were mistakenly charged this amount, please email support@grobo.io and we can sort this out!



Im sorry I made a mistake I looked up the invoice and I was charged 150.00 for shipping
and to clarify this is exactly what my invoice from fed ex says.
duties, tax, customs, other fees 30.63
brokerage ancillary service fees 26.00
total 56.63

so again most of this is fees not taxes. you seem to be upset robyn for me bringing this up.
my main point of this is still my original question. did anyone that bought a grobo get a similar invoice. trying to determine if this is a single case because my grobo was held up in customs or every single person in the u.s. that buys a grobo is going to have to pay this.

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I did see that I would be responsible but I did not see this bill yet

For what it’s worth I had to pay 13% tax (HST in Ontario) plus shipping up and above the price of the Grobo. :slightly_frowning_face:

Are there any updates regarding shipping on August?
In my Grobo account it says shipping my Grobo on August 2018. The thing is that my Grobo hasn’t got into production yet!! Is it possible you will manage to rap it up in two weeks?
If not, please update the shipping…

Hi @gilad,

I believe we received your message in support and emailed you the final invoice for shipping. Once this is paid, the unit can be packaged up!


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I did not receive any mail from Grobo support at all.
I’ll be happy to know the final cost including shipping and tax.
Please send to my mail a.s.a.p


I recieved a bill from fedex to. Fedex is the worst
shipper out there.
Customs duty 50.03
Clearance entry fee 37.44
Advancement fee 7.00
Total 94.47.

@Robyn i just got the bill from fedex is this going to be the case when we order nutrients etc as well? This is really hurting my finances an extra near $100 thats why you have to read the fine print something i paid for months ago i now owe taxes on let me know if this is the case with every purchase it will impact.how i deal.with future purchases


Hi @alucard

We’ve updated our FAQ on the website to include this:

The Grobo One and shipping costs are exclusive of all taxes, including without limitation provincial and federal sales taxes, import and export duties, levies, charges. These charges are your responsibility. If you are purchasing the Products from a jurisdiction outside of Canada, please check with your state and country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to completing your Order.



Can you not use USPS for shipping?Usps picks up for free and I won’t get no bill from them I’m sure.

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It’s coming from canada

Usps is a great idea or at least for nutes and supplies a U.S. distributor where we could buy from as buying nutes will be something grobo owners due thru out a years times to consistently have to pay high tax rates is tough.

I have no idea what agreements and prices Grobo has at their end. Grobo could use USPS and it would be shipped via Canada Post who hands it over too USPS. I feel your guys pain in a different way. We have to pay US $ for every purchase we make from a Canadian company. Huge sting on our wallets.

There may be concern with shipping nutes via regular mail, only guessing.

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I’m biased towards USPS lol. Then again we offer the cheapest shipping. And work on sat and sun unlike fedex. And ups doesn’t work Sunday.



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