Extra fans - inside and out of the grobo

I picked up some extra small, battery powered, lightweight fans just in case I needed to add to the Grobo. I don’t know how much cool air the grobo fans will add since they haven’t kicked on yet.

My internal fans are not on yet as I’m only on day four of germ, but noticed the temps are on the rise in the grow box since sprout.

I have pretty good circulation in the room the grobo is located and AC is on most of the year set at 74 (I’ll likely adjust to 70 at some point).

Temps were 80 degrees in the grow box today. So I added these two fans just as a test to see how much air and cooling they’d offer. Light, quiet, battery operated, 4-5 days use on a single charge (tbd), surprisingly push a lot of air.

Fan here

I’ve added one using the fix-all (duct tape) to the back bottom (it’s not staying there- just a test) and one inside the grow box hanging. Temps were dropped inside the grow box 6 degrees within a few minutes and held after checking 20 minutes later. Hover at 73-74 degrees.

For size comparison

What are you guys and gals using? These were intended for my Disney trip in September, but they’re now property of the Grobo :grin::seedling:


Following. I haven’t received my grobo yet, but thought about this as well. I was looking to buy a battery powered mini humidifier fan.


I looked at that as well, but opted to snag this instead. Humidifier

Unfortunately it Is not battery powered, but I do have several unused power banks. It appears that humidity won’t be an issue for me until it’s time to lower it. I own this Dehumidifier and it does a great job of pulling water out of the air although pushes out quite a bit of hot air as well


I saw that humidifier along with others. I’ll follow your grow and let me know how the humidifier works for you. I am buying tools/supplies to anticipate the Grobo arrival, but I’ve held off on the humidifier.

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You may already have some of these and or may consider some of these luxury items. Here a basic list of what I’ve picked up or had.

EC, TDS & PPM meter ($15)
Ph meter ($62 temp and PH - went with a better one)
Hydrometer (temps and humidity - $20)
Scissors (for a set $20 designed for plants)
ScrOG/Trellis - making my own in addition to LST (free)
Jewelers ring ($10)
Medical gloves (free for me)
Trimming tray with micron mesh ($50)I’m happy with it
Battery operated fans x 2 (20$)
Cheap humidifier (20$ portable battery operated - just in case)
Dehumidifier (already had one) Recommend
Air purifier (already had one) Recommend
An assortment of plant safe tiedowns (optional)
Magnetic hooks Recommend
Water chiller, pump and tubing combo $400 - Pump must be 250gph or higher for Intake
Blue labs storage solution ($12) For the Grobo probe and assorted others


I would highly recommend, when you buy any meter, be it ph, or ec/ppm, that you do NOT go the cheap route. These are an integral part of growing and you have to be confident the values you are getting are absolutely correct. We make big decisions for our plants with these meters, and the cheap ones are…well cheap! I always go with bluelabs meters. They are one of the best on the market, and I’ve had mine for years. Never had an issue with either of them. Only thing you’ll have to do is a monthly calibration. You can go the cheap route, but you’ll end up having to buy another anyway, so do yourself a favor and get the best you can afford. :+1::v:


which ph meter do you use?

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Hey Manny,
I believe James used bluelab meters like most of allgrowers do!
This post was dated back in 2019 and im not sure James is still with us!
Bluelab is what grobo recommends also!

Can be found on amazon also…


Thanks @Bplatinum9, are you happy with this one?

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Its really the best your gonna get,
I just hate to remember to keep it wet w/ph cleaning solution, its a total pain but very accurate!


I have the EC pen also! No solution necessary!