External grow lights

Has any body installed or tried using extra grow lights facing up the plant that way there light coming from the top and the bottom or side .I’m not sure if I’m making since either but just a thought


one thing to keep in mind when using under canopy lights or side lights is that it will make your plant grow horizontal or sag towards the light.

like this

many commercial growers are starting to use this method to capitalize on the but sites closer to the bottom to fatten them up and increasing its bud quality. With the limited space in the grobo, this may be super hard to manage. as your inner growth would probably start sagging towards the bottom instead of reaching for the light above.

This can cause some overcrowding and can lead to bud / leaf rot if not careful and keeping up with pruning.


I see… what if they get located horizontally in each corner. Toward the top of the grobo won’t that take care of that sagging I don’t know just getting ideas

That won’t cause them to sag would love to see how it turns out.

Here’s a current grower thread who is adding his own lights


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