Extending early vegetation in autos?

How’s the weather growers!?
So I extended my early vegetation on my girl, cuz I feel like she can us a little more of a stretch, but than I started thinking, can you extend autos? Cuz from what I know, they are gonna do what they what? Day25. Day15 early vegetation.


This is my current trigger for when to move to next stage with an auto:

  • extend early veg until there are pistils growing out of the nodes

    • alternately move to next stage (end early veg) when this happens
  • extend transition until the bud sites start to become more prominent (with more pistils)

    • alternately move to next stage (end transition) when this happens
  • extend flower until it looks like she’s a week or two away from harvest

I’ve been using extension of the schedule to just try to align the schedule with the plant, as opposed to trying to get the plant to fit the schedule.

Hope that helps!


Yes! And thanks for the Quick response. You need like a holiday named After you or something! :pray:


The general rules for autos start with simply leaving them alone because no matter what you do they are on their own timeline.

Auto-flowering strains don’t rely on light schedules to determine when to flower. Auto-flowering strains will automatically leave the vegetative stage and start budding after about 2-3 weeks regardless of the light schedule they’re given.

“Auto-Flowering” strains of cannabis have different light requirements than photoperiod strains

Auto-flowering varieties of marijuana don’t rely on a change in light schedule to determine when to flower. These strains (sometimes called “Lowryders” or by their species name “Ruderalis”) will finish their whole life cycle in two to three months, regardless of how much light they receive a day. See a grow journal featuring auto-flowering strains.

Others that like to experiment like @vegetato, may have developed their own way of growing and if it works for them it would be worth a try to help find your own groove.

The general rules for photos are…
Any extensions should start in late veg until the plant hits the fan.
Never extend in transition.
And always extend in flower until you have the desired trichomes you wish to harvest.


Another :point_up:! When “you” move on to a next stage, do you do a water change? Or do you just go ahead and move to the next stage? Say by tomorrow I got confirmation of white pistols, and it’s time for transition. Would I start with a water change for fresh Nutes?


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(Notifications come for us): (Drain/Fill once per week and Top-up also once a week): (Top-up twice a week if your plant is Large and/or Environment is Warm and Dry): :droplet:



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@BigPapa1 I would defer the shift until the next water change. I’d also let the pistils grow for at least a few days to a week before the shift to transition. When I see them appearing everywhere and stretching out a bit that’s when I do the shift. By the time the bud sites start showing a lot of pistils is around the time I want to be ending transition, that much usually falls in line with the recipe.

Keep in mind it is just my own process based on a small handful of grows and a lot of reading; it’d be cool to get a 2nd opinion on it. :slight_smile:

It’d be nice if we had an official word on what the technical differences between the stages might be for autoflowers, i.e. if there is changes to nute/ec levels/lights at all. I’d wager that the light spectrum does change for the flower stage and that there’s probably little to no change to the nutrients at those points.

@Stephen is there anything else you could share with us that’d help in determining when/how to sync our autos with the schedule?


Screen shooted and saved for my soon to be transitioning auto!