Extended lead time for seeds

Hello Growers,

One of my Grobos is expected to be delivered tomorrow. While this excites me immensely I have some concerns regarding seeds that I ordered about 2 weeks ago from ILGM and Growers Choice, patience isn’t one of my strong suits (I’m working on it) :joy:. I have received no updates other than “your order is processing”. Is it typical to wait this long for seeds to just be packaged and shipped? Did I go with the wrong suppliers? If so, who do you recommend?

I have been thoroughly enjoying reviewing all of the information you guys have shared on this forum. I am an extreme over preparer, thus all of the recommended additional support items are here and awaiting their duties. I’m so thrilled to be entering into such a caring and knowledgeable community, very much look forward to contributing and absorbing as much as possible!



P.s. loving this little countertop RO!


Its very common for seed delivery to take several weeks especially your first order with a company.
My first order took a month. You also must consider that its not just the seed company that may have delivery issues, were still experiencing slow shipment due to covid-19.
I ordered a ph adjuster called up a month and a half ago from walmart.com and its still not here.

Thanks B!

I will continue waiting with great anticipation!

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First bit of advice stop using those seed banks … there are much newer and way faster banks out there not too those older dont stock really any of the new generation genetics …


Appreciate the heads up Chris!

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Any specific recommendations?

Funky RO! Where you get it from?

I use homegrown cannabis Co out of Cali took me a week to get mine.


Homegrown used to be oneseed right? I like homegrown.


Yes I belive so.