Exclusive Grobo Swag Offer!

Hey Growers,

I’ve got something cool I’d like to share! I have 5 Grobo ‘Fluid Glass’ mugs to award to our community. These are sporting our Grobo logo and a picture of the Grobo itself. When the temperature changes, the mug changes from black to white. Not currently available in our store.

How do you get your hands on such a treasure? It’s simple…

Record a short video with your Grobo and send it to me at info@grobo.io

  • Video needs to show your face and Grobo (your Grobo can be closed if you prefer)
  • Please say your first name but DO NOT share your last name
  • No video editing needed. Just keep it raw, share your experience and why people should choose Grobo, and be yourself!

The first 5 videos in will get a reward! Contest ends November 25th.

These videos will be used on our website and in some of our marketing materials.


((#GoodIdeas)): :brain::bulb:

((#ChaChing)): :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:



Hey Growers,

I’d like to introduce one of our top 3 developers at Grobo, @DilrajGrobo. He was kind enough to shoot a quick video of why he likes his Grobo. It’s a great example of what we are looking for.

Check it out HERE. I also made one if you want a giggle. Check HERE.

Stephen & Dilraj

P.S. - Filming for over a minute is really hard, so don’t worry about a 1 minute minimum recording time!


Definitely the top 2 developers at Grobo, but I will let that slide :mechanical_arm: