Eta on recipe requests?

Hey grow fam just wondering how long does it typically take to get recipes after you’ve put in for a request?

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& how can I change my light setting from 20 hours to 18 hours?

Havent seen any I’ve requested yet but know some are coming
Settings/light schedule will let you shift but not shorten. It’s on grobos schedule

You can pm Stephen, or send in a ticket for then to change from 20/4 to 16/8 :+1::v:



((#Ticket)): :ticket::tickets:


ToddYYCChampion: Got You Covered:



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Hey just wondering what benefits changing the light schedule has for the plant?

When the light schedule is changed inside a Grobo its done to benefit the growers schedule.
You may not have noticed that no matter what its changed to the cycle remains the same meaning if your plant is supposed to be on a 12/12 schedule it will still give your plant 12/12 when the schedule changes.
Grobo has already set light schedules to maximize plants growth.
Hope this helps…