Ending grow

I have ended the dry stage and ended the grow but at least one fan is still blowing. Is this normal?

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No @Memnock22 that is not normal- I’d try un-plugging it and re-plug when your ready for next grow… after cleaning just my thoughts. :+1:

Yeah oddly enough I just ended a grow a few days ago, light shut off but both fans kept going. Started a new grow and both fans went off as they should for a new grow. Not sure why they were running after the end grow was selected. Thoughts on this @Stephen ?

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Yeah I did and started up with fan still going.

Not sure I’ve seen this behaviour @Dew, @Azuri, @Memnock22,

I’ll do some testing in the grow lab and see if I can reproduce these fan issues. Thanks for the feedback.



It’s only happened once to me, I’ve not ended many grows so my lack of testing can’t provide you with anything beyond the one time. :+1:

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