Found this ~Tool~ while doing a bit of research on extractions. A quick conversion table. Might come in handy for someone making edibles who wants to know the “estimated” portion dosages.

Easy Gummies for the Holidays - why not?

I’ve only ever made brownies, but I’m interested in reading what everyone else is cannabaking. Have a recipe(s) “you’ve made” that you want to share?


I believe I shared my gummy pics and recipe, it’s around here somewhere. But I must say infusing coconut oil and using that makes the end product taste so much better than any other gummy I’ve ever had. I have a feeling it would pair great substituted for the reg oil in your brownie recipe :joy::joy::grimacing::grimacing:


I intend to follow the instructions using coconut oil as indicated in the video. The only thing I will change is the amount of flower/rosin chips added. The recipe calls for 3.5g’s of flower or 10-12 g of rosin chips., but I intend to do at least a half oz. of flower/popcorn bud. I have several ozs sitting from my summer grow. Stronger is better imo. I have no intentions of sifting to make my gummies crystal clear, but I will lightly dust with corn starch in the end to keep the gummies from sticking. Not sure why the recipe and video makes no mention of this. I highly recommend adding a corn starch at the end to by shaking them in a bag. You’re probably right as for the brownies, I’ll give it a try this weekend.

Recipe calls for
⅛ oz Cannabis flowers (10 - 12 grams ABV/ Rosin Chips)

½ tsp Sunflower/ Soy Lecithin

¼ cup Coconut Oil

½ cup Water

1 oz Unflavored Gelatin

1 pack 6 oz Jello (any flavor)

Since I intend to use at least 14 grams of flower
My recipe should have 3500 mg of THC

Each portion has 35.00 mg

Give or take… as well as estimating the strength of the cannabis at 20-25%. Should make for very strong doses


Does anyone have a vegan gummie bear recipe without agar that they have tested?

@Bplatinum9 I’d rather have opinions on actual use and folks that have actually made and consumed, but according to the web
“ What Can You Use Instead of Agar ? Well, for one, cornstarch. But if that’s not available, or if you suffer from a corn allergy, arrowroot powder (sometimes called flour or starch) is also a good thickener, especially in soups and liquids. It is the perfect agar agar alternative.”

I have never tried it, but posted this anyways.


Thanks :pray:t4: I’m with you on the tested recipes though, and for some reason this one has been a struggle to find one that actually taste good without the bad texture of agar.
I hate to waist the little bit of money I have on experiments but I think that’s what its come to.


My Ardent NOVA and Magical Butter Machine have made my holidays magical!