Ec probe and ph probe

So I just bought a new PH probe , and im looking to replace also my EC probe as well but for some reason its not on the website . I got the ph probe and @Dani just sent me my calibration that they didnt put into the kit , does anyone have any idea where I can get the ec probe ? /// sensor ?

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Its a holiday in canada. No one will respond today

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Did you break the EC probe? They typically last a lot longer than a pH probe, that could be why it’s not listed (as it’s not often required to change it).


Nope I just thought it would be smart to change it when i change my ph :frowning:

If the poles aren’t all rusty or corroded I’d keep using it. It’s been said in the past (by @Stephen) that typically it’s just the pH probe that needs to be replaced after a year or so of use: New to the group - #4 by Stephen - Grobo Support - AllGrowers Forum | Hydroponics, Harvesting, Cannabis, and more

My pH probes have gone through quite a bit of abuse and are still working; one even kind of started coming apart and I pushed it back together (more than 8 months ago) and it’s still been calibrating just fine. :man_shrugging:



  • (#ECpenCleaner): :bathtub:



Im considering it now , i didn’t know cleaning our ph probes was that big of a deal … ph comes to a big deal once you find out deficiency is serious and can kill plants in soil and hydrophonics ! Its a fun learning situation , now that I got it under control I wonder what will happen :smile: