Early Adopters - Any issues?

@Azuri has any part of your grobo broken down yet? or had issues … I was one of the early adopters and after being away for a year. A lot people are having similar issues.


Yep, funny that. Hence my recent rant on just that, and level in nute bottles being at different levels which made/make absolutely no sense to me unless they are filling them by hand from larger containers :+1::v:

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Hey @Jamminbear

The only confirmed issue I had with my unit was the seals around the door stated to fall off. They sent me new and improved seals and some 3M double sided tape. I’ve had some wild pH issues over both my two grows.

My biggest gripe is the lack of data we can see. (Been told for a few years now it’s coming) This resulted in me shelving my Grobo after my 2nd grow. She’s been dark for more then 6+ months as I’ve gone back to me controlling my own grows. I’m not a fan of waiting for my plant to suffer issues and playing support email tag that has limited access response time. Mon To Friday 9-5 no weekends, evenings or holiday.

I don’t hold hopes on seeing the data now expect by some paid option of monetizing the app as discussed in the Dragons Den if at all. In my defense when I pre-ordered the product the pictures of the app were amazing with all the necessary parameters needed to watch the grow. I feel a little duped.


One of my biggest complaints also.

Let us see our data. It would also cut back on customer support expenses.

This is already a pricey unit, if they charged just to see our data, on an already expensive unit, I would be upset