Durban Poison. Is she ready to harvest (trichome shots)

This is my first grow and wanted to get the opinion of the community. I’m on day 3 of flush (day 122) and wanted to see if anyone had opinions on if I should harvest after the flush is complete or should I extend the flowering? Note the strain is Durban poison and I’m hoping to harvest for a more euphoric high. Here’s a picture of the plant overall, followed by some trichome pics of different bud sites.


Watch it by the day. You still have 7 days left of flush so it’s a little too early to tell if you should extend flush or not. However, I think you’re pretty safe where you’re at currently. I’m seeing a small amount of amber trichomes, a good amount of milky, and still some clear. In 7 days they should continue maturing. You might just be right on the money.

If you’re growing Durban Poison, I can only imagine you might be looking for a slightly more Sativa feel? If so, you’re probably just fine.


Really appreciate your input! You’re correct, I’m looking for more of an euphoric high then a couchlock. Think that means I’m looking for mostly milky.


You probably will be right on track for harvest after flush then. Keep us all updated!

Maybe a champ here has a different opinion, but I’ve been gaining some XP from all these trichome questions and I think for a Sativa like feel you’re right on the money.


hey @J-Mac! The plant is looking awesome! Durban Poison is one of my favorite strains too!

Great job keeping the plant’s height in check with this grow! Nice job with the trich pictures too!

I see mostly milky and cloudy trichs which is exactly what you are looking for! There was a sprinkling of amber trichs in one pic and that’s a sign you are ready for harvest.

You can flush it for the full 10 or 7 days but I have read elsewhere that in DWC it may only need 3 days of flush. Continue to check the trichs daily and if you start seeing a lot more amber then I would cut her down.

Keep us posted when you harvest and be sure to take a lot of pictures!


You might have brought this up before but what’s going on there with your carbon filter?


Oh this is great to know, thank you!! I will continue to check on her daily.

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When I first tried to put the carbon filter in the screw was stuck and I ended up breaking it :tired_face: I waiting until the plant is out of there before I try to unscrew the broken part of the screw out of there so I can replace it. For now it’s tapped


Oh bummer hope you get it fixed. !