Durban Poison - Growers Choice - Feminized --> DEAD

Not sure what the issue is yet. Once you sanitize and start a new grow let us help you watch for the signs by posting regularly.
How are your seeds being stored? If you haven’t tried keeping a mason jar of rice and stuffing seeds in the package or not and refrigerate.
When ready to germinate take a glass of distilled water and soak seed overnight.
If you see it slightly pop open you can plant or wait another day or two until it fully opens.
I popped mine in the grobo after one night and it took off.
Try to let your grobo do the work until time to defoliate and top.
Remember to squeeze water from coco pod before inserting the seed.
Don’t check your roots too early unless you see the plant struggle.
Try this one without the hydroguard in early stage.
Do you have a water temp monitor? They can be very helpful.


I don’t have a thermometer directly in the water, but I am running a water chiller and it’s set to 64 degrees.


Personally I don’t think its a great idea to run a chiller until needed. Especially during germination it should be off.
Water Temp:
65 - 70 f normal
18 - 22 c normal
72 - up root rot
Maybe your temps are too low to germinate. Germination should be on the warmer side instead of the lower.


I run a water chiller to keep the water at the appropriate level, and a heater / humidifer to keep the air temp, RH at the appropriate level. During germination the air temp was about 76 degrees and RH was around 50%.

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And at this point, my Grobo is dead.
I tried to unlock the door, the door wouldn’t unlock.
I went to End Grow from the app, and it couldn’t connect to my Grobo.
I attempted to reconnect Grobo to the network, and it wouldn’t reconnect.
I unplugged the device, it shut down appropriately.
I plugged the device back in, and zilch. Machine dead.

Paging Dr @Stephen, we have a situation in need of Asap rocky!


Hey @omacoder,

I just responded to your ticket, but didn’t have the ‘dead Grobo’ feedback ticket onboard when I did. Let me read your support ticket from today and respond there for the most updated support I can offer. Hang tight…



Ouch :exploding_head::weary::weary:


Oh my gosh I finally broke into my Grobo and she’s still alive after 4 days!!?

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To close the loop on this, Grobo is going to replace hardware under warranty thank goodness.