Drying Mode with Auto

your most welcome :slight_smile:

Yeah, i seem to read conflicting things on that. The nutrients. I mean are they really needed?

that depends on who you ask. There are some on here who have definitely proven they are beneficial. However I am not sure at what financial cost vs product and what time vs learning curve ratio/failure rate. I think for the most part the Champions and pros on the forums are very forthcoming and honest with this information. However. That being said. I do not believe it to be true either. I am growing 2 simultaneous grows of the same strain, same breeder, same everything right now with 2 distinct differences. One has a fan in it and receives extra nutrients weekly. Go look at my pics. Tell me they look THAT different? I’ll know when it comes to weighing it as we trim strictly to bud. My bud is better then the $14.99 crap the store sells down the street. With each grow my costs come down and my harvests go up. Follow my thread for the final outcome and see :slight_smile:


I will. Can I continue to reach out?
I put her outside today for 3 hours to give her some SUN TLC
I am hoping this plant continues to rebound. I have the coco pods from GROBO coming this week. I ordered 6 of them.


Of course. Keep sharing photos.


Here’s after a few days out in the sun. Today is day 70


Fattening up for sure.

I’m wondering if she will be done by next week…

Random Q - would it be a mistake to top off the my pot with the Fox Farm soil? Just so the paid isn’t sitting so high up.

Yup go ahead.

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