Drying/curing advice

2 grows in the grobo down. first one went fairly well for my first time. second one was light years better. bigger, denser buds. LOUD fruity scent that left my whole house stinking for over a day after wet trimming. but the same thing happened to me during the second grow as the first, 30 days into cure and the smell is just generally gone.

this time around i kept humidity between 55-60%, temps between 60-68, and dried over a period of 13 days. at the end of 13 days the small stems snapped but big stalks were still bending (chopped the whole thing down and tried as a whole plant). immediately trimmed off buds and put into jars. initial rh was around 54% so within a couple hours i threw in boveda 62% packs. brought it up to 58% consistently since. did the whole burping process through the weeks. but the smell is practically gone, only very mild scent. sort of lemon-grassy scent. which was almost the same scene from my first grow but this is a completely different strain and different breeder. it’s just nowhere near the loud fruity gas it once was. the buds feel great as far as not overly dry with just a good amount of moisture. if i break up a bud or squeeze it i’ll get a bit of the gas stench on my fingers but that’s about it.

can anyone chime in to what they think i’m doing wrong? or other tips i’ve missing. i feel like i’ve gained a lot of knowledge from some very reputable youtube channels and on here but damn, don’t know what gives.


I’ve wondered somewhat myself @catnamedkringle same almost with mine first grow was different from second… the second 1 i flushed later then the first one and I burped them 2 different ways as well. 1 I burped like Stephen said 3 times a day for the first week and so on but the second I did the Kyke kushman method and it was a little better but I’m in limbo to with this 1…



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I’m trying it out. I have a large food saver. This is great news. :+1:t2::star_struck:

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