Dry and Cure

This is my first grow and My Grobo is currently in the flush stage. At the end of flush does it go into “harvest”? If so, what do I do then? I’ve been reading about “wet” cutting and “dry” cutting the plant. Is this something to think about? I’ve read about the “dry” cycle from the recipe menu, but am not sure how it works. Also, should I “cure” the buds after drying?



So once flush is over you can go to your settings and choose end grow, go to maintenance and hit harvest it will prompt you to drain for cleaning, go through a complete cleaning/removal of plant and recalibration and storage on your probes before you enter the dry cycle, at this point you’ll cut and hang your crop, then under recipes hit dry mode, once your done drying You can clean out any debris from hanging before you start another grow.
And yes after your harvest is dried please cure.


Now I know!:facepunch:


You need to cure the buds or they will be harsh. Burping during the cure releases the chlorophyll that’s still left in the plant. Think of it as aged alcohol, you could drink it right away but meh…age it, or in our case cure it, and you’ll end up with a great tasting product. There’s a bit more involved but that’s the gist of it :+1:


Thanks. I’m noticing what looks like nutrient burn at the tips of the leaves. The tips are turning bright orange. I’m in day 4 of flush. Should I be concerned? I’ve just changed the water again.

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No need for concern. When you flush all your fan leaves will die off or start to but your buds will still fatten/ripen so it may look like it’s dying but its fine, all part of the process


Nope its just using all the nutrients up so the keaves will start to die off during flush.


Thanks. Appreciate y’all