Drug number 4

my leaves turn yellow. and my drug number 4 has never been used. is fully charged. 31st day late vegetation day 7.


The lower leaves turning yellow is very common with the Grobo since it introduces nutrients so early in the grow process which can cause nutrient burn. This issue typically subsides.

To make sure though we need a few more pictures.

Need a pic of the stem base where it meets the cocoa pod, one of the roots and one of the nutrient bottles so we can clearly see what has been dispensed. This will help confirm.

Knowing air temp, water temp, and humidity are also important.


Hey @MrtJldrm

Support has been trying to reach out to you about a recent order shipment. Can you take a peek at your email and respond? It should be coming from support@grobo.io. If you send these plant photos in reply we are happy to assist :partying_face:

Grobo Support


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I didn’t get any mail

We used the email attached to your Grobo purchase and it is the same one you use here. Can you check your spam? Alternatively, can you reach out to support@grobo.io if you have not already and we can start a fresh thread and figure out why bottle 4 isn’t dosing as well as update you on an order status.

Chat soon!



I’m in the 4th week grow. Number 4 medizim macro was not used. I watched a little and the hose from number 4 was plugged in the other way around. The water in the grobo was sucked into the bottle. I swapped the two places. Now everything is in order. but it couldn’t be used until the 4th week. At the moment, the royal gorilla looks healthy, but its quality can be poor. mail I heard a support