Drooping leaves

On day 2/14 of early veg. Woke up and noticed that the leaves a drooping a little bit. Am I just being paranoid or is this something to be concerned about?

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Looks like mine at the moment…I’m on day 14 and was wondering the same…think we both just anxious to see it grow a little faster and stronger :muscle: but do check your reservoir and make sure all parts are functioning and there’s enough water hitting that pod…it is pushed up a bit

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Is this your first grow also

Yes it is my first grow. Just checked and the reservoir looks fine (I think). Coco pod is down and water is splashing. Coco pod looks a little wet though and I read somewhere that once the roots come out that the Coco pod shouldn’t be touching the water… maybe I need to drain a little water?


Your cocopod is fine… it looks like it’s where it should be.


Your roots are nice and white


You should be fine if your concerned in a day or so put in a :ticket:


Looks fine to me so far, id wait a few days before having any concerns. I think they will spread and be fine. Your new growth looks good from what I can tell so I wouldn’t be concerned.


Quick update. I used the support racks to gently prop up the leaves. I noticed some brown spots on them now, however it looks like the plant is sprouting some new leaves in the center so I’m not sure what to think :man_shrugging:


She’s all good @looneytones could be minor nute burn, could be that she didn’t like her leaves resting on the floor. As long as new growth is looking good and the spots are not spreading, you’re in great shape. Good move with the support racks. :+1:



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Week 11 Notification

image Stephen Grobo Team - Horticulturalist

A magnesium deficiency, for example, will cause brown rust like spots on the leaves, time for a spray of epsom salt! Bottom line? If the leaves are doing something odd, the plant is struggling for some reason and it is a good time to troubleshoot.

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It appears to be getting a little worse… I see a spot on one of the new leaves now and the originally spotted leaves are now covered. I opened a support ticket

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Good move opening a ticket. If it’s spreading then there certainly is an issue. Do you happen to have a pH meter of your own on hand?

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Some things that might help to know:

  • what kind of water are you using, and are you adding any extra additives in the water?
  • have you done a water change recently?
  • do you know the water temperature or general room temperature?
  • do you notice it using much of the pH up or down (pic of bottles helps)?
  • do you notice it using any of the nutrients after water change (pic of bottles helps, has the level gone down at all on any of them)?

I am using RO water with Hyrdoguard.
I just did a drain and fill last night.
It definitely is using some of each bottle, I have attached a pic

temp in the box stays around 75 degrees and water temp stays around 70. Humidity usually stays around 40%. Unfortunately I don’t have a PH meter on hand but will get one ASAP


Solid group of questions, bookmarking that to share with others if you don’t mind.

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Great that you had that info ready :slight_smile:

Checking pH would help to rule out probe calibration. It does seem to have used a bit of pH down already; it might also help to start marking the levels on bottles before each drain/fill to get an idea of how much it uses over the course of the week.


Good idea I’ll definitely mark on the next d&f.
Just ordered a PH meter from Amazon, should get here Saturday. If the PH appears off, that would be an indicator that I need to recalibrate my meters, correct?

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Yes, hopefully support will respond tomorrow and get you an answer. You may also want to add a pH calibration kit from BlueLabs to your amazon order also.

Bluelab CAREKITPH pH Probe Care Kit with Calibration Solution, Storage Solution, and Brush


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That’s correct, if the pH isn’t somewhere around 6.0 (+/- 0.5) it’s probably in need of calibration.

I’ve wondered if (and how well) they might be calibrated from factory, we assume they are but you can never really be certain of that without checking.