Dried out seedlings

I’ve tried two separate grows. Both have failed early. Seeds sprouted nicely, however after about two weeks, the early plant leaves begin to dry out with no visible sign of roots beginning to show through the bottom of the coco pod. Have I pushed the coco pod down far enough into the hole? Also, after terminating both grows, and draining the reservoir, there is white residue left behind at the bottom of the reservoir. Is this normal?


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A few questions that might help to answer (in order to help diagnose this):

  1. What kind of water are you using, tap water / distilled / RO?
  2. Can we see pics of your nutrient bottles, to gauge for how much of each has been used?
  3. Pics of the white residue if possible
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When you get the coco pod does it not already have a hole in the top that only goes in so far and you only have to rip a piece to cover it?

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Thought this might help @Caleb882-

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  1. Distilled water
  2. A bit more than half of the acidic and basic bottles have been used. The other 3 bottles not even half used up.
  3. No pics of residue. Cleaned it last night b4refilling to start again.


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