Door won’t unlock [RESOLVED]

Best thing my opinion put in a ticket with grobo direct to fix this issues


Hey @jeff,

Please email our team and we can assist. Great feedback on this thread already for sure! We will be asking for some photos of the door…



Will send a video tonight.


I have tried opening many different ways. Grobo wants a video but the file is too large to send. Should I open up the rear panel to see if I can access anything to do with lock/door being jammed closed?

Hi there, for the video you can upload to youtube. It’s relatively easy and free. Or I think google drive also has the ability to share via a link.


What’s the update

Trying to find a way to upload the video. My phone is old.

Ok when you press the unlock button on phone what does the unit do

Nothing not even a click

Does the light inside the grobo change when you press the unlock button? Does the top LED light on the outside change and what color?

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On app no if I use button on grobo I see light from the back but still won’t open.

The lock is jammed I have tried every way to open door. This thing so far is a paper weight. Too bad I had planned to order 3 more.

Have you unscrewed the 2 back screws for the lid to see if the wire came loose? Also you might want to loosen all the back screws to relive the pressure on the cabinet door. Once loosened try unlocking the door.


Push the bottom on back once you see the light go poss the door handle in see if that works .

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I have had issues with my door locking.
It was related to it being on an uneven surface…

Stephen from grobo sent a very detailed workflow

Opened up the grobo and took of the lid to find the lock harness has detached and bent the pins on the board. Must have been in shipping from fedex the packing box looked rough when delivered.

There is also a black and white wire harness that is not plugged in, could that be for the glass door? I have a solid.

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All resolved harness had unplugged from board during shipping. Now to transplant my gold leaf from the start .


Everyone at grobo I dealt with was prompt, professional and extremely interested in my satisfaction. I am in high end retail and gotta give grobo credit for standing behind the product and the after purchase experience.

Thanks to Stephen and the crew