Door not closing [RESOLVED]

Brand new Grobo owner … Just set up my Grobo … started my first grow. I noticed my door will not lock, seems to not close properly and does not sit flush … light escapes a bit. Is this normal? I contacted support but since it is aFriday

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I had that same problem try pushing the door in more on the upper right part of the door where the latch is when u close it… not to hard but a good thumb push in

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Plus you should put black km or white electrical tape on the top sides to cover any light that might get inside…

I had similar issue w my 2nd unit i just got 3 weeks ago. Called support and they suggested:
Try GENTLY bending the latch on the DOOR at the top, upward. keep trying to lock or bend a little more. Here’s a pic of what worked for me.


Hey @blue045,

Chatting with @Dani today it sounds like you are all fixed up. Let us know how the grow progresses!


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yes thanks for the help guys

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