Door mouldings coming unglued

Hey guys how are you . Ever since I bought my grobo it’s been plagued with issues . I’ve needed a new mother board , connectivity issues constantly …now my door mouldings are coming unglued .

What frustrates me the most is how can such a new machine be plagued with so many issues ?

Anybody have there door mouldings come unglued ?

Anyways …let me know how you guys fixed this and if it was covered under warranty ?

Also if anybody wants a used grobo let me know I’m willing to sell mine to recoup some of the losses I incurred off this thing .


Sorry to read about all the troubles you’ve experienced. My limited understanding of the warranty is everything is covered for the first year and returns are possible if within the first 30 days.

Grobo offers a 30-day return policy on all units, beginning when the unit leaves the Grobo facility. All returned product(s) must be 100% complete in original packaging, with any manuals and accessories included.”

Best of luck

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Are you new to the box or have you had it a while ?

If you have warranty they’ll send you replacement parts


Yes I’m still under warranty but this is what everybody has to think about before buying one of these machines .

If you had to return yours under warranty and others have had numerous issues too and this is a machine that’s in its first year of use…

Imagine how much money your going to have to pour into this thing out of warranty ?!?!?!

That’s what people don’t see yet but I do…the computer boards are crap and $80 a pop after warranty plus the fans plus plus plus …

Soon BBB needs to get involved you can’t knowingly keep shipping units that you know only last 6 months and are faulty .

Might be a better idea for you to start a tent grow. None of the hassles, easier to control, and you get a bigger yield. Return your grobo, and invest that money into a three tier rotational perpetual grow!! Problem solved :+1::v:

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Hey Rob,

ToddYYC would know better than most considering how long he’s been a grobo user, multiple devices, the replacement parts he’s installed and troubleshooting involved. He was really helpful to me and for that I thank him.

I don’t think that it’s necessary to contact BBB. Grobo has quality assurances in place, but stuff happens. While I understand your frustration It’s clear that many more people have devices without issues than w/ issues much like any electronic device. If you had an LCD or board failure with your laptop in the first year any manufacturer would likely send you a replacement part and sometimes a certified tech to do the work. Grobo is similar.

The folks at grobo are really decent people willing to bend over to help users even difficult users like I was. It sucks your device is troubled and I doubt anything I could type would ease that anger/frustration, but I do empathize with your situation and hope you find quick resolution. Get your ticket in the que and I’m sure Stephen and company address it ASAP

If all else fails, cut your losses and follow the recommendations of some of the tent growers here on AG.


What James said!!! Brilliant piece of advice :+1::v::joy::joy::joy:


And believe me I was there too, just look at MY history here :joy::joy::joy:

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I have

Thanks guys but there’s more people with problems then you think they just don’t all voice it out on the forum . I understand one problem but its issue after issue …and I guarantee you all machines will all need there parts replaced …sooner then you all think . If my machine was a dud it should have been taken back long time ago …hopefully the moulding coming off is the last problem I have because I’m not one to sit back while 2gs is flushed down the drain …so this better be the last issue .

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@Osage I was actually thinking about that because my current grow the mother board blew but I didn’t want to lose the plant so I just have been feeding it manually every week and starting to feel more comfortable and confident taking care of the plant myself .


I only feed and ph manually. I lost too many seeds to root rot and ph issues. Took my bottles out and haven’t looked back since. Every grow is good now. :joy::joy::+1::v:


Well that kinda defeats the purpose of the box in the first place no lol

You Might as well do the tent room grow too .

I always wonder how some of these guys Get huge buds maybe the grow room is the trick :wink:

Rob, tent grow is really the only way to go. We spend an inordinate amount of time to harvest less than two oz’s in the box when it’s less work to get an lb out of a tent grow :joy::joy::joy::+1::v:

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Oh and I do both :joy::joy::joy:


I think your right ! Know just to find the room lol







((#Yes)): Grobo1:

We ordered a door seal replacement and it got shipped to a (LostAndFoundSomewhere):

No word of it as of late: We have a (TicketInForIt): ((#ToBeContinued)): :hole:




@fuz will put this in before his next grow: :green_thumb:



((#TeamHasGotYouCovered)): :green_thumb:





so very much: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart::green_thumb:


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Hey @SilverGrobo,

Looks like your new door seal will be arriving tomorrow by end of day. Whoot!


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Thanks Stephen

That was fast !

Now let’s hope the rest of this machine is good now lol